Zoho@Zoho: This is how we simplified our recruitment process

Hiring a candidate is not merely about filling a vacancy; Never about finding yet another one to do the job. It is more about picking the passion and craftsmanship from a galaxy of talents out there. This involves a lot of work from the hirer, both before and after recruitment. It is not a good idea to automate the interview process entirely. The procedure post-recruitment was one area we could try simplifying.

What summed up to about a week of activity for three departments in the organization, now takes couple of hours before everything falls in place. With this New Employee application, here is how we go about choosing the system and software, approve the same and create a user profile for the new-comer, easily.

Once the HR team picks the right person, all the personal details of that candidate are updated in our internal human-resource management tool; Zoho People. Access is granted to the new employee, so that he can update his personal details himself.

As for the user profile name, employee preference is considered. It is then verified for availability, and if it is already taken, alternatives are provided.

The next process of importance is the resource allocation for the chosen candidate; Hardware and software resources. Now, this is highly unique. Resources can never be the same for everyone. For instance, all a technical writer requires is a basic piece of hardware which is sufficient to access an online text editor, while on the contrary, a designer or an animator requires sophisticated software such as a Graphics suite, extended graphics adapter and high-end hardware.

Care is taken beforehand in allocating these software requirements, so that no further time is spent in improvising. Resource allocation is left to the manager for approval. They, depending on the role of the candidate, pick the components required and approve it. The requests for user profile creation and resources are then forwarded to the Sysadmin team, who would make them available. They use a separate application for that; the IT Asset Request application.

The purposefulness and the indispensability of this Zoho Creator application deserves to be talked about in a dedicated post, so that will have to wait.


As you see, each new recruitment keeps the HR, Managers and the Sysadmin teams busy enough. The information they work on is one and the same, so there is no need for duplication. What we needed was a central repository to hold all the data, for the teams to access them from.

What makes it so mighty is not the functionality alone. It is also because the IT Asset Request and the New Comer Application are closely integrated to handle a single scenario. But, if you overlook the hassle we went through in building it, you’d most certainly admire the orderliness it has added to the recruitment process.

Check it out!

Our HR department asked us if this app can welcome the new comer with a big smile. We politely said – “Will be available in our next update. Kindly bear with us till such time” 😉

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