Customize report approval for every employee: Custom approval in Zoho Expense

Setting up multi-level expense approval for your employees can be a complex and time-consuming process. With a wide range of different types of expenses and approvals to manage, creating the best workflows for each scenario can quickly get out of hand. All of this complexity is about to change. Zoho Expense has added custom approval capabilities, so you can design the right workflow for the right employee or situation in seconds.

Custom Approval

In most other expense reporting software, a typical multi-level approval is always linear. An employee could only submit their reports to one person, and it would only go through one chain of approval (A->B->C->D). You couldn't set up different chains of approval, or push a report directly to the department/project head when there is an emergency situation, or design different approval workflows for different departments.

Now, with custom approval, you can set up approval workflows for any scenario. Let's say, for example, that John from the sales team normally submits his expenses to his manager Caroline. Once Caroline approves, the report goes to the finance team for final approval and reimbursement. However, if there is a unique situation in which John's report should go directly to the sales department head because he's violated company policies, you can set up a custom workflow in Zoho Expense and ensure that the report is pushed directly through to the appropriate person.


Sometimes, there are situations in which an employee has to report to a different manager, depending on which office they're currently using--if the employee is working from their home office, they report to their home manager, and if they're working in a client's office in another country, they report to a different manager. Now, you no longer have to manually change the reporting manager every time you want to submit an expense report. You can set up the approval workflow in advance and let Zoho Expense push your report where it needs to go.

Custom approval can be applied to trips too, even before your employees start recording expense reports. Now you don't have to worry about setting up approval for every employee. Set up trip approval rules and they will be automatically assigned to your employees. For example, if your employees are traveling within the country, their request for traveling can go to the travel team directly, but if employees want to travel internationally, your custom workflow can send their requests to their manager first, and then to the travel team, before booking flight tickets or accommodation.

Automate approvals and cut down on stress from multi-level expense reporting with custom approval workflows in Zoho Expense. 


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