Introducing Zoho Business Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch. Enough has been said already. 

With the Apple Watch coming out later this week, we are excited to launch three new apps. Apps that complement your phone apps just like your phone apps complement your web apps. More importantly, apps that work harmoniously with their phone and web counterparts, enabling unique use cases for each form factor.

These are our three apps for Apple Watch:

Zoho Expense

Doing expenses is a pain. If there are tools available to ease the pain, we embrace them. The Zoho Expense app for Apple Watch is one such tool. 

Mileage tracking and entry is an important part of expense management. Manually tracking and calculating mileage, though, is something we can live without. With the Zoho Expense app, you can automatically track and record your trip mileage right from your watch. 

At the start of your trip, simply tap the “Start Tracking”  button within the app, and tap the stop button when after you reach your destination. The mileage is then automatically calculated – with help from the GPS on the iPhone – and the entry is recorded in the Zoho Expense mobile app, which of course is seamlessly synced to the cloud.  A unique use case optimized for a unique device.


App Link

Zoho Books

Many professionals – lawyers, consultants, and contractors, for instance – charge by the hour. For them, it's critical to track the time they spend on every task they perform and project they work on. With the Zoho Books app for Apple Watch, time tracking can be done right from the watch. Start the timer whenever you start a task and stop it when you are done. The time is automatically recorded as part of the task or project. This information is then available on your phone and web apps for Zoho Books. Yet another simple task that doesn't require you to pull out your phone.


App Link


We all have a set of daily tasks we have to be on top of, and some of them are time based. The Taskz app lets you view your tasks on your wrist. And if you have a reminder or due date configured, this Apple Watch app taps you on your wrist – via haptic feedback – to gently remind you.

Note that the Taskz app works with Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Projects, providing a single view across all your tasks from Zoho.


App Link

This is just the beginning. We plan to expand our portfolio of Apple Watch apps, enabling interesting business scenarios. Meanwhile, if you'd like us to address any interesting scenarios, please suggest them in the comments section below. 



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