The brand new Zoho Expense for Android

The world is going mobile, and so are business applications. With how powerful mobile devices have become, it is natural for you to expect the same productivity gains from your phone or tablet as you do from your desktop.

We’ve worked hard to incorporate the same comprehensive features from the web version of Zoho Expense into our Android app. The mobile interface keeps expense reporting simple and streamlined. No matter where you are, you can upload receipts, submit expense reports, and get reimbursements right from your smartphone.

So what’s new in the app?


We have given our dashboard a makeover so you can view important details at a glance. It displays your recent expense reports, unreported expenses, report submissions, and an overview of your spending for the last 6 months—all in one place.

Zia Assistant

Work with your personal assistant Zia for smart suggestions. Zia's AI capabilities help you finish your pending approvals, unsubmitted reports, uncategorized expenses, and all other pending tasks.

Approval Flow

Waiting to know if your expense reports have been approved is stressful. See their status right from the Android app. Once you submit the report, check out the report details to see the approval flow for your report.


Sometimes you need to talk to an employee about their expenses. We’ve got you covered. Click the comment button to chat with report owners immediately. Clear your doubts about ambiguous expenses and approve reports faster.

Offline Expenses

Managing expenses without internet connectivity has never been so simple. We have improved the app’s performance in offline mode. You can easily create expenses, track mileage, and record GPS offline. Your offline data will be synced as soon as your device is connected to the internet. You can also upload receipts while offline. Once you are back online, they will be auto-scanned and converted into expenses. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and download the Zoho Expense Android app from the Play Store!


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