Unveiling the better travel management experience by Zoho Expense.

As business travel across the globe continues to see an uptick in 2023, the need for managing business travel becomes more of a priority, especially when the economic downturn forces businesses of all sizes to focus on cost optimization. It's time for companies to upgrade to an all-in-one travel and expense management solution that helps improve efficiency and optimize costs.

Unveiling the new and improved travel management platform by Zoho Expense, the easiest travel and expense management solution around. From creating travel requests, booking travel and accommodations, and ensuring policy compliance to wrapping up travel expense reimbursements, Zoho Expense is now equipped to handle all your business travel requirements.

Let's take a look at the newest additions to our travel management module.

Let your employees take charge.

The upgrade comes with a self-booking platform powered by Sabre's GetThere. Empower your employees with various options for booking flights, accommodations, cabs, and more while complying with the company's established travel policies. As employees assume booking responsibilities, the travel team can shift their priority from operational activities to value-adding business activities.

The self-booking platform allows you to choose from a wide range of travel partners ensuring the company has access to their preferred travel booking options. It's time you let your employees take charge while ensuring policy compliance.

Integrate with multiple travel partners.

Zoho Expense, powered by Sabre’s GetThere, equips you with the ability to integrate all your preferred travel partners. Whether it is the negotiated fares of your preferred carrier or your favorite travel management company, you can leverage the best deals from within Zoho Expense*. Empower your employees with the widest options and choices for effortless business travel as they lead your organization to success.

Avoid fare surges.

We know approvals take time. Airfares for fast-selling destination flights are bound to go up in short periods. Keep the delay of approvals from affecting the price of your bookings. Zoho Expense's self-booking tool extends the carrier's fare-freeze options to your employees at the time of booking, ensuring that cost-saving starts at the individual level while awaiting approval.

Prioritize company-owned accommodation.

Does your organization have company-owned accommodations or guest houses at frequently visited destinations? If so, Zoho Expense's suggested accommodation options nudge employees towards guest houses to save costs whenever they travel.

Rebook airline tickets at lower costs.

As essential travel bookings take place with urgency and efficiency, there is often no room left to optimize travel costs. With Zoho Expense's rebooking option, travel teams can now leverage airfare drops post bookings by rebooking flight itineraries at lower costs ensuring you always choose the best price.

Automate complicated visa requests.

From the time an employee confirms an international trip, the foremost requirement they need to address is obtaining a visa. As most business travelers would agree, preparing, applying for, and processing a visa is a complete hassle.

With Zoho Expense's automated visa request processing, your employees will be guided and supported throughout the request process via forms, document checklists, and automatic workflow configurations.

Stay on top of your bookings with real-time flight alerts.

Users can also keep track of all real-time schedule changes for their booked flights. Whether there is a delay, cancellation, or even a rescheduling in the booking, all alerts raised by the airline will be communicated to employees simultaneously. On-time alerts and notifications help employees make instant decisions, such as carrying out cancellations, rebooking, or rescheduling their meetings or events.

Prioritize employee safety with duty of care.

The travel team is responsible for ensuring the security and safety of business travelers as they travel worldwide for work. From medical emergencies to social unrest and natural calamities, your employees may face the most challenging situations when traveling. Manage risk and critical situations with Zoho Expense. Gain visibility across all your business travelers' destinations, send targeted notifications, stay in touch with contextual chats, and ensure you're performing your duty of care for all your business travelers.

Contribute towards carbon-neutral goals.

Zoho Expense provides essential carbon emission information for all flight booking options at the time of booking. Your employees and your organization can not only take sustainable actions, but also contribute towards achieving your company's and your country's carbon neutrality objectives.

Manage travel desk operations efficiently.

Most travel desks are often bombarded with travel requests from across departments throughout the company. While some companies prefer employees handle their own bookings within policy regulations, others prefer centralized booking operations, managed and carried out by the travel desk team. With Zoho Expense, manage travel requests end-to-end, from enabling the auto-assignment of agents to facilitating bookings for flights, hotels, cabs, or trains. Once the trip concludes, your employees can submit all travel-related expenses and record advances before submitting the report.

You can also gain visibility into your company's complete travel management operations at any given time with Zoho Expense's travel desk dashboard. From a geographic view with our active traveler map to the productivity of your travel desk agents, and more, Zoho Expense is an end-to-end platform for your travel desk operations.

Leverage collaboration solutions built for travel.

Zoho Expense's contextual chat allows your employees, approvers, and admins to collaborate, notify, clarify, and share information within a trip request through an associated chat. The chat tool allows users to initiate a conversation for a specific request within Zoho Expense, whether it is a trip or expense reimbursement request. This helps users skip through the contextual introductory conversations and raise quick queries making collaboration faster and more efficient.

Make data-driven decisions, and streamline travel management.

Travel management spending across departments is a significant cost with ample optimization opportunities. From carrier spending and travel-related costs, to travel desk performance statistics, analyze specific trip-based reports to build data-driven strategies. Identify and correct bottlenecks and cash leakages, and leverage savings opportunities with our comprehensive analytics solution.

It's time for you to ensure visibility across your organization’s travel, optimize costs, and safeguard yourself against economic challenges. Sign up for your free trial now and try your hands at the feature-packed travel module in Zoho Expense.

*Contact support@zohoexpense.com for more information on this.


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