Upload Web Receipts for scanning with the new Google Chrome add-on

Remember the days of keeping receipts in a shoebox? Sure, you had them all in one place, but they weren't organized, they weren't sorted, and they weren't in any order where you could find a specific one at the drop of a hat.

For most of us, our email inbox has become the new shoebox where receipts get collected, but are never found again. No one has time to sit down and sort out all of these receipts, let alone manually download each one and upload it somewhere.

It's time to fix that.


With the latest addition to Zoho Expense, the Google Chromeweb extension makes it easy to capture receipts or expenditure data from any website or your email inbox. Simply take a snapshot of the receipt and upload it for scanning. (Receipts that are already in an Image format can also be uploaded with a right click).

It's fairly simple. Add the extension to your Google Chrome web browser, and you are ready to uploadonline receipts to Zoho Expense. Pull up the webpage with the receipt ready, take a screenshot of just the receipt, and click Upload.

The images are saved to Zoho Expense without taking up any storage space on your laptop or desktop. Additionally, any screenshot taken is directly uploaded without downloading it first.

So go ahead, upload the receipts to get them scanned quick. We'll be waiting.


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