Zoho Expense integrates with Xero — expense management and accounting go hand in hand 

Zoho Expense makes your expense reporting easy by providing user-friendly automations such as auto-scanning of receipts, automatic report generation, and custom approval workflows.

After your expense management app does its work, your organization's finance team still has to account for those expenses. To help them, Zoho Expense has joined hands with Xero! This is in addition to existing integrations with leading accounting software in the market: Zoho Books, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop.

Zoho Expense integrates with Xero

Here's how the Zoho Expense - Xero integration can help you:

Manage expenses effortlessly

Accounting software can handle accounting effortlessly, but managing travel expenses is not really its strong suit. This is where this integration comes in.

For example, let's say you've accounted for all your expenses this month in Xero. However, your manager would like to see only the expenses that were incurred at a conference. Unfortunately, there are no clear reports for this. But don't worry, the Zoho Expense - Xero integration has got this sorted.

With this integration, expense reporting is a breeze. You can create expense reports, track their status with timely notifications, and understand them with analytical reports in Zoho Expense. Besides reporting your expenses, you can also prepare budgets for them, to keep your cash outflow in check.

Close books on the dot!

Once your expenses are organized into neat reports in Zoho Expense, you can get them accounted.

Let's say you're gearing up to close your books for an accounting year. But your finance team is lagging behind in entering employees' expenses into your accounting software. That's not surprising—feeding expenses manually into your accounting software is usually time-consuming, error-prone and monotonous. To help you overcome this problem, this integration allows you to automate expense creation and reporting.

Upload your expense receipts or email them to your receipt inbox in Zoho Expense, and they will be converted into expenses automatically. You can also configure your reports to be auto-generated, and then be exported to Xero automatically. Now you have all your expenses accounted and you can close your books on time!

Stay in sync at all times

Now that the gap between your expense management and accounting is bridged, it is important to ensure that data (such as customer and user lists) is synchronized between the apps. When you integrate, the tax rates, card feeds, customers, users, and tags that you've mapped and imported into Zoho Expense will be automatically synced once a day. However, if you've made changes in Xero (for example, added a new customer) and want them to reflect in Zoho Expense immediately, you can sync the data instantly.

Ready for a more convenient expense management and accounting experience?Integrate Zoho Expense with Xero now and account for your expenses seamlessly! To learn how to configure this integration, refer our help documentation.


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