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Expensify CEO David Barrett has just announced that their product prices will be increasing for some customers starting June 1st, 2020. Unless you use the Expensify card to pay for 50% or more of your total business expenses, you will be charged an additional "unbundling" fee.

David Barrett tried to justify this price increase by saying their improved customer support has driven costs up. During uncertain economic times, it may seem like a good idea to earn additional revenue by providing more convenience and value to customers. However, forcing them to pay more for not using a particular feature is unfair. This announcement was also poorly timed as Expensify customers may also be affected financially by the ongoing crisis. Now is the time for more flexibility, not less. Customers should be able to choose how they want to pay for their expenses.

 For those of you who have reached the end of your rope, we hear you.

At Zoho, with more than 50 million users across the world, we have always believed that the responsibility of supporting our products lies with us. We also believe in simple, straightforward pricing and the clarity it gives our customers. With this in mind, we're offering Expensify users a no-cost way out.

Switch to Zoho Expense, and you won't have to pay for our software until your Expensify subscription ends or for the first three months, whichever duration is longer. If you are on Expensify's monthly plan or have less than three months left on your annual subscription, you still get to use Zoho Expense free for the first three months.

Once you decide to make the switch, we will also help migrate your data from Expensify to Zoho Expense at no additional cost. Our product experts will be there to help you get settled in quickly with free onboarding and training for your admins. If you would like to learn more, drop us an email at support@zohoexpense.com or visit our Zoho Expense website.

Expensify has come a long way, going from a stand-alone corporate card to an expense management solution. However, if this pricing change is the last straw for you and you're looking for the best possible alternative, Zoho Expense has you covered. Let us take it from here.


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