Digitally sign your finance documents with Zoho Sign

As the world is becoming digital, we at Zoho Finance (Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory) are taking steps to help you keep up. We already support a slew of integrations in line with this shift, and now we're adding an integration with our own digital signature software.

Zoho Finance integrates with Zoho Sign

We are excited to announce that Zoho Finance now integrates with Zoho Sign, a complete digital signature solution that lets you sign your documents securely and easily. Every time you sign a document, a secure hash is generated to ensure that your document remains authentic. Zoho Sign complies with the latest e-signature laws to provide you the highest level of data security.

Read on to learn how you can do away with paperwork and close deals faster by integrating your Zoho Finance account with Zoho Sign.

Why should you integrate with Zoho Sign? 

  • Go digital: Complete your entire quote-to-cash process securely online. With this integration, you can enjoy a paperless invoicing experience and be free from the hassles that come along with collecting pen-and-paper method signatures.

  • Save time and resources: Get your documents signed within minutes, instead of waiting days or hours for an in-person signature. There's no need to waste time and resources printing and scanning documents just to collect one signature.

  • Reduce operational costsAccording to Ombud Open Research, you can save an average of $20 per document by choosing digital signatures. And going paperless is easier on the environment too!

What can you do with the integration? 

1) Send digitally signed invoices and estimates

A digitally signed invoice or estimate is an authentic document that your customers can completely trust. Adding a digital signature ensures that your documents cannot be forged.

Signing your documents digitally is as easy as signing with a pen and paper. Once you've set up the integration in, say Zoho Invoice, simply select an invoice or estimate, preview your signature, and add it to the document. It only takes a few seconds to get your signed document ready to send to the customer. When you generate invoices from a recurring profile, a digital signature will be added automatically.

2)Accept customer signatures on estimates

No more traveling or carrying papers around to get your customer's signature in person. You can now close deals faster by accepting digitally signed estimates.

When you integrate with Zoho Sign, your customers can easily accept estimates by digitally signing them through the Client Portal. The signed estimate will then instantly reflect in your Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books account, so that you can invoice it. That's less work and more convenience for both you and your customers!

How do you get started?

To start off, you need to create a Zoho Sign organization and upload your signature. Once that's done, integrating with Zoho Finance will only take a few minutes. You can read all about how to integrate from our help documents (Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory). Here's a short video about the integration in Zoho Books:

Start signing your documents digitally and go completely paper-free with the Zoho Sign integration. Try it out now, and drop your feedback in the comments below.

Note: This integration is available for Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, and Zoho Inventory. (Currently, this integration is not supported for Indian edition users.)


16 Replies to Digitally sign your finance documents with Zoho Sign

  1. Please allow our delivery men to let customers digitally sign on the invoice or DO via app when they make delivery. In the past we do not dare wish for such a feature but now this is implemented it’s just additional enhancement to open it up for delivery orders or invoices module Please let us know if it is possible

    1. Hi, Jason. We are enhancing this integration in phases, and will definitely consider customer signature on invoices for future updates. We'll keep you posted about the same.

  2. Great news, as generally it works very well in CRM as we get mutual NDAs signed. However, I agree with Matthew Amoss-generally Clients do not sign the invoice (in our experience), but need a signature to engage (order form) and so we and our Clients await roll out of this eagerly. ??

    1. Hi, Eileen. I have forwarded your request to our development team, and we'll look into the possibilities for accepting customer signature on an order form. I'll keep you posted when we have an update on this.

  3. I run a retail business and need to have the ability for capture a customer's digital signature in person. I wonder how we could make that happen using the Zoho sign intergration with Zoho inventory.

    1. Hi, April. As of now, you can only sign your invoices with the integration in Zoho Inventory. However, we have taken note of your request for an in-person customer signature and will consider it for future updates.

  4. You're missing the one document that businesses actually want customers to sign, the Sales Order. When will this be added as a feature?

    1. Hey, Matthew. We understand your need to sign the sales orders. We will be enhancing the integration one step at a time, and signing sales orders is already on our roadmap. We will keep you updated about the same.

  5. hi there, can I ask - does Zoho sign integrate with zoho crm? as in once they have signed a document can it automatically be linked or uploaded to the customer's Zoho crm profile?

    1. Hey, Paul. You can indeed integrate Zoho Sign with Zoho CRM. Here's a" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">help document to help you with the same. Once you set up the integration and sign a document, it will be added as an attachment under the Zoho Sign Documents section of the corresponding Zoho CRM record. Feel free to reach out to our support team at for any further clarification. We'll be happy to help you out.

  6. I need the following. When our delivery men make a delivery, they need to take a clients signature on either the sales order or invoice via a mobile app that is part of zoho books app. Ideally zoho books app as I don't like too many software integrations. The client also needs to be prompted to enter their full name at the same time. It's useful if the app geo records where signing took place and date and time.

    1. Hi, Martin. Providing the integration in Zoho Books mobile app is already on our roadmap. We will also be considering customer signature on sales orders and invoices for future updates.

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