Announcing: Zoho Creator for Google Apps

Over the last month, we have been releasing a Zoho Service for Google Apps Marketplace each week. This week we present to you, another Zoho service that adds great value to your business & which helps you build customized business applications – Zoho Creator. Today with the launch of the 11th Zoho Service for Google Apps Marketplace, Zoho takes the honor of being the largest software provider in Google Apps Marketplace.

 Zoho Creator is a web-based platform, that helps users build business applications for their specific needs and workflows. Users can build a wide range of custom applications for each department of their business. Zoho Creator has 4 new enhancements for Google Apps Users.

Universal Navigation:

Once Zoho Creator is installed in any Google Apps domain, users can access it right from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.

Google Apps Users Field:

Users in a Google Apps domain, can be added as one of the fields in Zoho Creator forms. This field provides a choice between the username and the email id to be displayed in the form.

Email data:

Google Apps users can now add data to Zoho Creator forms by emailing the details to a custom google e-mail id. 

Upload from Google Docs:

Google Apps users can upload documents into their applications from their Google Docs account.


Google Apps domain admins can share their application with the users in their domain or with their Google Apps user groups.

This video provides the users a fair idea of what to expect from Zoho Creator for Google Apps Marketplace. 


And for users who haven’t used Zoho Creator so far, this video will give you an overview of the product,

To get started, take a look at this presentation.



We’re completing the series with this launch. We promise to keep adding more services to Google Apps Marketplace and add more features to all of our existing services. A big thank you goes out to everyone who continue to support us. Thanks are also in order for the Google team who have supported us right through these releases.


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