New in Zoho CRM: MailMagnet for Mobile, BCC Dropbox, Zoho LiveDesk Integration, and more…

Yes! We have a whole bunch of new and interesting features lined up that will not only help you manage your customer data and interactions at a central place in CRM, but also give you an enhanced CRM plus Email solution.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

MailMagnet for Mobile

When we introduced MailMagnet for Zoho CRM, our aim was to change the way salespeople interact with their email. Today, we’re taking this one step further by introducing MailMagnet for Mobile.

MailMagnet users can now receive their customers’ emails inside Zoho CRM mobile app without fiddling with their phone’s email settings. With the new Messages tab in the app, you can view all your customers’ emails, reply to them and even add tasks. What’s more, you don’t have to be on Zoho CRM app or refresh messages each time to receive new emails. Just enable alerts in your iPhone, iPad or Android device to receive email notifications.

An example? You’re traveling to a customer location and while on transit, you browse through Zite for some interesting articles. While reading, you receive an email notification from a customer. Tapping the notification for details, you find that a customer has arranged for a meeting with you. And as luck has it, the customer is in the same location!

BCC Customers’ Emails to CRM

With BCC Dropbox, you can copy selected customer emails to Zoho CRM. The feature comes with a unique email address for each sales rep. And all you need to do is, BCC the email address while sending emails to your customers, and get a copy of the email linked to the right customer’s record in CRM! Don’t have a matching record in CRM? No Problem. Zoho CRM automatically adds a lead or contact, and associates the email to that record. Even the file attachments are tagged along and saved.

For example, you’re having an email conversation with a customer from your Gmail account, and you find one particular conversation thread essential for further sales discussions. By entering the BCC email address, you can get that email linked to the customer’s record in CRM.

So you don’t have to restrict yourself from using a single mail client. You can use multiple email clients and email address as long as Zoho CRM knows the email addresses that you send from. Of course, a bit of human intervention is required. BCC Dropbox is available for all paid users.

Engage and Delight your customers with LiveDesk Integration

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend time on endless email threads and long phone calls to get their questions answered. Not in this digital age when information is available instantly, all the time. So, what’s the best possible way to support your Net Generation customers?

Introducing Zoho LiveDesk Integration with CRM. Zoho LiveDesk – an online live chat capability – in your website gives impatient customers a chance to ask questions in real time and also get an answer right away. Each chat transcript is attached to the customer’s record in Zoho CRM, keeping your support team in sync with all customer interactions.

That’s not all, your support agents can add Leads, Contacts, Notes and follow-up tasks to Zoho CRM, directly from Zoho LiveDesk. And when an existing customer requests live support, Zoho CRM automatically retrieves relevant customer information to Zoho LiveDesk. The LiveDesk Integration is not only an additional channel to provide better customer support, but also a good way to show that you’re available for them at all times.

Contextual Integration with third-party apps and get holistic view of your customer information

Earlier, we introduced Custom Apps to build apps that can access data inside your CRM system. Now you can pull in any customer related information from custom apps and third-party applications and contextually add it to any record in CRM. Custom Related Lists comes with ready-to-use gallery functions that help you integrate with third-party applications like Contactology, Saasu and Zoho Recruit with ease.

Custom Related List is available for Enterprise users. Our Online Help will walk you through the configurations.

Do try these features and let us know what you think.

– Radhika


19 Replies to New in Zoho CRM: MailMagnet for Mobile, BCC Dropbox, Zoho LiveDesk Integration, and more…

  1. Has Outlook meeting request thing been resolved. I'm trying to figure that out right now. I don't like how accepting it in zoho crm mail makes the meeting go on the zoho calendar instead of the zoho crm calendar. I can't even get those calendars to sync completely.

  2. Good day,,I just download the iphone app, but I can not go inside the program,
    please let me know how to start working with the app.

  3. Hello there! It is a great upgrade, but it seems not working correctly. Emails are not been updated inside MailMagnet, but it were updated in my email iPad inbox. The last email I have in MailMagnet are dated for April, 2 and in my iPad inbox are recents, dated from April, 5. And i had checked my configurations, because i am using IMAP protocol, so the emails are not been deleted. They are there, but MailMagnet do not update it.And other; i can not reply e-mail. When i try to reply from inside MailMagnet, I get this message: "Unable to process your request. Please verify if the name and value is appropriate for the 'description' parameters".What is it means?

  4. @Jim @Nick @Scott @Gregg @Rob @Ron
    Thanks for your feedback. We're in the process of revamping the Calendar and we'll keep you posted.

  5. Nice new features however I agree with the comments regarding quote generation and invoicing from CRM. If there was a more robust/easy to use/customize quoting feature that would improve Zoho 300% more than any of these mail features.

  6. Still no Outlook integration for Macs? We signed up for Zoho CRM in January 2012 based on the assurances that it was just a couple of months away. Since then, Zoho has reported that the issue is related to not having the needed API's from Microsoft on the Mac client. 15 months later . . .

  7. Great to have mobile access to ZoHo, however, I have to agree with the others about making meeting requests compatible with Microsoft Outlook. This is ESSENTIAL for a sales team's time management and to present a professional face to customers.While Android is the up-and-coming mobile platform, a lot of us (especially Canadians) still use BlackBerries. Hope ZoHo will continue to support the BlackBerry platform - and not just for the Z10.

  8. I guess these are useful features for some. When will you be adding the ability to quote and create an invoice from your Zoho CRM app? This seems to be the most popular request on the forums.

  9. Yes I agree. Zoho CRM Calendar needs updating to accept and send out Outlook meeting notices. This is a standard business practice and our team cannot use Zoho CRM calendar because of this problem. Please fix this ASAP. Thank you.

  10. TOTALLY with you, Jim! After a number of tries to sync Calendar with CRM events, I gave up on ZOHO Calendar a while back! :-(

  11. These are great initiatives and another reason why we are converting everything (i.e. mail, calendars, crm, livedesk, mobile, campaigns, workflows) across to ZOHO. BUT considering your great expansion into CRM Mobile you are launching today, WHY are you not better addressing the FUNDAMENTAL issues still affecting ZOHO CRM Calendar. My clients can't be invited to ZOHO CRM Calendar Events, nor can I respond to their OUTLOOK invitations and be recorded in ZOHO CRM Events - and your ZOHO Calendar functionality is different to your ZOHO CRM Calendar - PLEASE, PLEASE can you help us ? I don't want to but we have to start building an alternative approach using Google Calendar as our main calendar (so keep the communications re calendar invitations with our clients) and using Rapier to integrate the ZOHO CRM CAlendar and Google Calendars -

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