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Quick shout out to the Zoho CRM technical team.  As anyone who has read my posts here or on the D-Tools blog would know that I sepnd a lot of time in Zoho CRM managing our system.  Zoho gives the CRM admin a plethora of tools to use for this process but when I first implemented the system I found that  they conspicuously left out the ability to search for a blank field, as in give me a list of all records where the email field is blank or empty.

This seemed odd because searching for blank fields is a common maintenance task.  I mentioned this to the CRM technical team and in a few weeks I had the “is empty” criteria as part of filter.  OK, great but why stop there?  How about a filter I can use to find a field that contains information or “is not empty” criteria?.  Pretty basic stuff and only interesting in it’s absence.

Anyway, I was digging around in our system today and found the “is not empty” criteria.  One of the nice things about a well managed and architected SaaS system is that it incrementally gets better and better on its own.

Thank you Zoho CRM team!

Adam Stone is a Zoho CRM customer and CEO/Founder of D-Tools Software.


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