How to boost your business's revenue with online forms

Online forms are more than just data collection tools. They're powerful weapons in your business arsenal, capable of supercharging your sales and revenue. Whether you're capturing leads, streamlining orders, or gathering customer feedback, online forms can be the bridge between website visitors and paying customers. Implementing online forms for business processes, such as sales, lead generation, and customer feedback, can lead to significant cost savings compared to traditional paper-based methods or manual data entry processes. By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently and invest in revenue-generating activities.

Include order forms on your website

Design intuitive and user-friendly order forms that make it easy for customers to purchase your products or services. Eliminate unnecessary steps and fields to reduce friction and maximize conversions. Remember, online order forms are a bridge between browsing and buying. Make it a sturdy, user-friendly bridge, and watch your sales climb!

Let your bestsellers do the talking!

Feeling overwhelmed by options is a recipe for analysis paralysis. Bestsellers scream "popularity" and "trust". Why are these products flying off the shelves? Visitors will be naturally drawn to explore them further, delving deeper into your product range.They act as social proof, subconsciously reassuring visitors that these are products others love. Highlighting bestsellers offers a curated starting point, guiding visitors towards proven winners and igniting their shopping journey. Don't just list them: showcase them! Use high-quality visuals to make them grab buyers' attention.

Offer multiple payment options

How many sales have you lost because customers couldn't pay with their preferred methods? Don't force potential customers to abandon their order by making them scramble for the "right" card to pay with. Include diverse payment methods in your online order forms to cater to different customer preferences. The more options you provide, the smoother the checkout experience, ensuring a happy customer journey all the way to the "thank you" page.

Upsell and cross-sell

Don't underestimate the checkout process. Prompt customers with relevant add-on items that enhance their main purchase. Use conditional logic in your forms to recommend complementary products based on their initial choices. If someone is buying a new phone, suggest a case and screen protector! Create bundled packages with discounted prices. Focus on suggesting products that genuinely complement their initial choice and add value to their purchase. This incentivizes customers to purchase multiple items, increasing their order value.

Know where your user base is located

Get to know where your form submissions are coming from with the geolocation feature. Zoho Forms lets you integrate with powerful analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Based on this data, tailor your form content or offerings based on user location. For example, offer translated versions of your form in different languages. Consider whether location-based pricing models make sense for your business.

Create scannable QR codes for orders

QR codes have become a popular way for restaurants to offer contactless menus and ordering. Zoho Forms offers a scannable QR code of your form that bridges the gap between browsing your menu and placing an order in seconds—all from a phone! Download it and place the QR code in strategic locations where your customers can easily scan it, such as on product packaging, promotional materials, storefront windows, or digital platforms.

Monitor and analyze performance

How well are your online forms performing? Are they converting visitors into paying customers or leads? Zoho Forms goes beyond just creating forms: It equips you with powerful analytics tools to understand their effectiveness. Zoho Forms provides advanced and user-friendly analytics that visually represent your form performance data. Analyze specific form fields, user demographics, and other factors to pinpoint areas for optimization.


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