Zoho Mail extensions for business, Part 7: Work wonders on files together

Chloe, a hypothetical solopreneur, runs her marketing agency that offers top-notch services to her clients. Here’s a quick rundown of her previous endeavors.

Her email of choice is Zoho Mail. She uses it as a central hub for her business needs by using a handful of extensions for Zoho Mail to keep tabs on everything happening inside her business.

In the previous episode, we saw how she was able to achieve the much-coveted “top-quality output” every business strives for. She was able to bring her vision to fruition with strong collaboration ethics.

Her system of teamwork placed a great deal of emphasis on keeping all relevant people on the same page without breaking the chain of communication. The Slack integration with Zoho Mail helped her with this.

Communicating with others is always bound to evolve beyond words and delve into the realm of files and the need to work together on them. In her quest to consolidate all of her needs into one place, she turned to the WorkDrive integration for Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail extensions for business

WorkDrive is a powerful file management system that offers her a secure and shared workspace. She houses all of her marketing collateral, client update decks, and roadmaps for future projects in WorkDrive.

With the WorkDrive extension that sits within her email screen, she can increase the prowess of this already powerful application.

A client sends her an email requesting the files related to their upcoming event, where they aim to showcase their product and features. Chloe has all of the files related to this event in her WorkDrive storage. Using this extension, she can pick the file from the extension pane and send it as an attachment directly, without downloading the file.

She can also send files stored in her WorkDrive even without opening the extension. From the compose menu, she can access files from her WorkDrive.This negates the need to open WorkDrive separately, download the files, and then attach them. This saves her from a lot of unnecessary clicks and wasted time.

When a client sends a file to Chloe, she can download it directly into a WorkDrive folder of her choice. Again, this saves her the trouble of downloading that file onto her machine and then uploading it to the WorkDrive folder.

Sometimes this extra step can prevent her from uploading the file from her machine to the correct WorkDrive folder, resulting in a messy organization of files.

Chloe gets an email from one of her clients asking to work on some newsletter content. That email includes all of their requirements for the content. She quickly whips open a Writer document from the extension pane and starts typing away.

The final cherry on top for Chloe would be the ability to create shareable, editable, and collaborative work documents within her email screen—Writer documents, PPT presentations using Show, and spreadsheets from Sheet.

With a business that's growing exponentially and a client base that’s as demanding as ever, Chloe needs to be smart when going about her business. In this fast-paced industry, automation and AI could be her allies.

Like always, she finds a way to stay agile and ingenious using Zoho Mail extensions. We’ll explore this in more depth in the next episode.


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