Data-driven customer experience on a unified platform 

With the help of project management tools, needful milestones are set and accomplished to ensure business success is achieved. Similarly, software tools are adopted for various business functions to secure productivity, growth, and most importantly customer satisfaction. To guarantee customer satisfaction, businesses cautiously strategize well ahead, assisted by business intelligence insights, and focus groups. However, the businesses that often taste success with customer experience are outliers.

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In this blog, we discuss best practices and the right software that will enhance your customer offerings, help you run business operations smoothly, and sell valuable experiences to your customers.

Essential components of a customer-centric business

Successful businesses manage to pull off effective marketing campaigns with intelligent marketing tools that help them assess customer pain points. Next, they assemble data from their consumer base and secure this data in a dedicated CRM tool. Here, they touch base with customers using omnichannels, get customer feedback, then segment them into valid data points to back their pain points; only then do they proceed with their marketing campaigns.

An engaged consumer base is the key to building the perfect customer experience. They benefit themselves through an endless cycle of feedback and updates. Businesses secure this engagement by aligning resources with survey tools, email marketing, and social media marketing software in between gathering feedback and making updates based on that feedback. This puts the business in the view of the customers and, thus, customers become engaged.

Meanwhile, these businesses also ensure employee satisfaction with their people management tools. The tool helps them with employee management, shift management, performance tracking and annual surveys. That way, employees feel prioritized, updates are set to be delivered promptly, and customers enjoy consistent service.

Businesses guarantee a smooth customer experience every time by bridging the gap between operational data and customer data. Hence, businesses should use an analytics tool that will help prepare reports that back customer feelings with real-time data. The tool can be applied to other platforms through integration patchworks to structure operational and customer data intuitively without manual effort. By doing so, businesses can cut down on unnecessary operational costs, and uncover insights that will help them distribute productivity. Businesses can also budget wisely and make well-informed decisions equally prioritizing their customers and employees while staying within their bandwidth.

To ensure such data-driven projects are executed, businesses use agile project management tools. It follows a non-linear approach that, increasing adaptability and transparency. With an agile project management tool, businesses also set up goals, centered on customer feedback. This creates opportunities for continuous improvement making the business thoroughly customer focused.

Ideally, success is defined in terms of business growth and revenue boost. However, customer-centric businesses derive their success from reduced service experiences, namely, reduced hours in support calls and emails. Thus, they adopt a support solution that helps them streamline their service processes. Furthermore, the solution helps them map the customer journey and promptly delivers a personalized experience.

Successful businesses use Zoho One

Zoho One is a cloud-based software suite. It houses tools ranging from a survey tool to a CRM tool—key essentials to ensure a fulfilling customer experience. Businesses can secure customer interest securely and cut down on multiple disjointed and siloed units. Zoho One enables businesses to unify their processes on a single platform. Zoho One helps them cut time spent on acquiring data from multiple silos as their data is hosted in a single warehouse that is easily accessible. Zoho One is deeply integrated with intelligence so businesses can recognize patterns and deploy an improved customer experience.

Additionally, the Zoho One ecosystem, with it's single source of truth, distributes data without duplication, it also helps with cross-app automations, saving time spent on building patchwork integrations. Zoho One also leaves room for more customer visibility throughout departments for personalized experiences so customers feel seen and heard. Zoho One has a thoroughly unified interface without any technological complexities making it easy to use and onboarding friendly for employees.

Here is an example of a successful business using data-driven insights for productivity and process improvements with a single source of truth.

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