Why should organizations switch to modern knowledge management tools?

A traditional wiki software solution provides a platform to store information collected from multiple resources and share it with the users of the wiki. Though wikis are a great tool to gather important information, they may not offer the necessary features to support the growing needs of enterprise businesses. Here are some of the reasons why your organization should move from a traditional wiki to a modern knowledge sharing tool:

Fine-grained permissions: Modern knowledge management tools have well-defined user roles you can use to manage who can edit, share, and read information.

User-friendly interface: A good knowledge management tool offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use, even without any prior training.

Improved findability: Modern tools help you store content in an organized hierarchy. This removes information clutter and helps users find the content they need in a couple of clicks.

Better sharing capabilities: Modern knowledge sharing tools should have advanced sharing features you can use to share knowledge with individual users, teams, or even users who are not a part of your organization.

Analytics and monitoring: Knowledge management tools provide usage analytics that help you understand the activity in your knowledge base and modify your content and structure if needed.

Today's knowledge management solutions are built to streamline the process of knowledge sharing and reduce the effort in accessing necessary information. Read our article to understand the limitations of traditional wiki software and see why you should use a modern knowledge management tool for your business.


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