10 most-installed Zoho CRM extensions of 2022

It's that time of the year again and the numbers are in! Here's a list of the most popular CRM extensions that you just couldn't get enough of in 2022.

#1 SMS-Magic

Communicate with your customers via WhatsApp and SMS; view conversations from both platforms in a single inbox so you don't lose context. Read more

#2 Mailchimp

Synchronize your campaign and subscriber details in Mailchimp with Zoho CRM. The extension can also notify you when a subscriber is added or removed in Mailchimp. Read more

#3 WhatsApp Web

Send and receive WhatsApp messages right from Zoho CRM. Use predefined templates that can be automatically updated with relevant details and sent out quickly to your leads and customers. Read more

#4 Shopify

Synchronize customer and sales data between your Shopify store and Zoho CRM. Add Shopify customers as contacts in Zoho CRM to keep track of their purchases. Read more

#5 Google Drive

Collaborate with prospects and customers on documents associated with their Zoho CRM records. Sales reps can seamlessly share, access, and manage their Google Drive files right from CRM. Read more

#6 SMS for Zoho CRM by MessageMedia (Smooth Messenger)

Easily send text messages to fit how your business works: templated message blasts, automated workflow messages, live SMS chats, or keyword-based auto-replies.

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#7 Webnexs WhatsApp Chat for Zoho CRM

Start a WhatsApp conversation with your leads and customers right from the Leads and Contacts modules of Zoho CRM.

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#8 Facebook Adverts Manager

Bring your Facebook ad sets and campaign information into Zoho CRM so your sales reps can reach out to the right people.

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#9 ClickSend SMS

Send and receive SMSs from Zoho CRM. Send custom SMS messages to individual customers or bulk SMSs to up to 20 customers in one go.

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#10 Kanban Board

Get a better picture of your sales pipeline with a visual depiction of your progress and real-time visibility into various stages of your sales pipeline.

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