2 essentials, because too many sales tools spoil the art of selling

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As a sales rep, you constantly strive to meet targets, close deals, and maintain a healthy pipeline. However, the very tools you use to achieve these goals can be a hindrance to productivity.

The problem of too many tools 

Using multiple tools to complete a sales cycle is tiring and drastically decreases productivity.

As a salesperson, you need to log in and out of different platforms, manually transfer data between systems, and try to keep track of which tool to use for which task. The result is a disjointed workflow that can lead to lost opportunities, missed deadlines, and frustration for both you and the prospect.

Streamlining sales: The power of automation 

Although gathering data, sending emails, and researching leads may seem necessary, it's important to keep in mind that these tasks can now be automated. This saves you and your team’s valuable time and helps earn more money—a win-win situation!

Once you streamline your sales process and have fewer tools in your space, you can focus on closing deals and nurturing relationships with prospects.

The 2 must-have sales tools  

To make the most of automation, you must focus on two key tools: a multi-purpose sales engagement platform and a well-maintained CRM.

A multi-purpose sales engagement platform like Salesgear can help you find new and potential prospects, send emails, schedule tasks, book meetings, and more. A CRM like Zoho CRM can serve as the heart and soul of your sales team, with Salesgear seamlessly integrating to keep information up-to-date and readily available.

Eliminate redundant manual activities  

With the Salesgear and Zoho CRM integration, reps can automatically import Zoho CRM leads into Salesgear and run highly personalized and relevant sequences.

Salesgear automatically saves copies of the emails sent and received back to Zoho CRM, eliminating manual work and data entry. You can also effortlessly track email engagement with real-time updates on opens, clicks, and replies in Zoho CRM, prioritizing the most promising leads and staying ahead of the game.

Ready to prioritize automation, boost efficiency, save valuable time, and ultimately close more deals?

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