5 features of an ideal time tracking solution

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In today's fast-paced business world, tracking your time is more crucial than ever. It's especially critical for teams working on projects to understand how much time has been spent on each task to assess project progress effectively and make informed decisions. 

Having said that, managing projects effectively requires clear visibility into the time spent by employees on their tasks. Tracking and recording the amount of employee time spent on each task helps project managers identify delays or inefficiencies and ensures that projects are completed on time. This means that accurate time tracking is essential for effective project management. 

Let's discuss the 5 features of a time-tracking application that you'll need to take your employees' productivity to the next level:

1. Accurate time tracking:

Second-by-second recording: Automatically tracks and records your employees' time spent on Projects and Tasks in Zoho Projects.

This ensures:

  • Precise billable hours: Clients will receive accurate invoices and your employees will be paid fairly.

  • Detailed time breakdowns: Identify the exact amount of time spent on specific tasks and projects.

2. Automated (and ethical) employee monitoring:

  • Set custom intervals: Automatically takes screenshots and records your employees' desktop activity during work hours.

  • Online/offline activity: Track and capture your employees' activity online and offline within your timesheets, as well as any time spent working offline.

  • Focus on completing tasks: Assess how employees use their time during designated working hours to complete billable tasks. 

3. Automated timesheet generation:

  • Eliminated manual time log entry: Forget manually adding hours to timesheets. Automatically log time spent on tasks within timesheets with automation.

  • Real-time timesheet updates: Log time entries in timesheets whenever the timer is stopped, ensuring accurate timesheets for payroll, billing, and project cost analysis.

  • Avoid time theft: Manual time entry can lead to errors and may risk unauthorized time abuse. Timesheet data can be compared and analyzed more easily by automating time entries, which not only improves accuracy, but also ensures consistency.

  • Streamlined payroll and billing: It is easier to process payroll with accurate timesheets and ensures clients receive the correct invoices based on the actual amount of hours your employees have worked.

4. Improve employee engagement on tasks:

  • Keystroke and mouse click tracking: Gain insights into how actively employees engage with tasks within a project.

  • Identify disengaged employees: Analyze patterns to understand if employees are frequently switching between tasks or facing technical issues. You can even configure an alert message to remind employees to focus on completing their assigned tasks if they remain idle for a certain period during work hours.

  • Detailed activity logs: Get useful insights about employee activity, including what tasks they worked on, for how long, and when they worked on them. You can use this data to evaluate performance or to train your employees.

5. Gaining productivity insights via reports & dashboards:

  • Combine time tracking and engagement analysis: Analyze how effectively your employees' time is spent across tasks and projects to identify areas where improvements can be made.

  • Time-Task correlation: Analyze the time your employees spend on tasks, how well they are performed, and how long they take to complete them. It can be useful in identifying areas where time is wasted or additional resources are needed.

Overall, it is important to empower project managers to monitor and optimize team performance for project success and enhance employees' productivity, leading to better project outcomes.

Want the right solution for this goal? Integrate TrackmyTime with Zoho Projects for efficient time tracking. TrackmyTime has all the above-mentioned features, and seamlessly gets projects up and running on Zoho Projects. TrackmyTime data within Zoho Projects can also be used by project managers to identify areas where resources are underutilized or where people are spending too much time on tasks. This empowers them to make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively, ensuring that the right people are always assigned to the right tasks.

Is it difficult for you to bill clients for project work accurately? Do your clients ask for proof of your employees' time spent on a project?

TrackmyTime is your ace in the hole for accurate and precise time tracking and billing. No more guesswork, no more under-billing!

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