5 ways how email validation can help your sales reps

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Email is an effective communication channel since most people check their emails daily. However, not all of the email addresses you collect are accurate.

Real customers start with real emails, and email validation is the most effective way to ensure the collection of quality data. When you verify email addresses, your email marketing is more effective and the ability to boost your sender reputation increases.

Benefits of an automated email validation tool in your CRM

  • Save time for your sales team. Inaccurate email addresses for leads will eat into your reps' valuable time.
  • Approximately one in every three email addresses in your CRM database will cease to exist every year. You will be spending to store email addresses that are no longer valid. Email validation ensures list hygiene by weeding out invalid email addresses.
  • Email addresses with an error can be made valid. An email validation tool can check for wrong formatting or typos, so they can be corrected and used.
  • Email validation yields clean data that can keep your team focused on real potentials, leads, and customers.
  • A cleaned, verified email list can help you send better-targeted emails that are much more likely to engage the recipient.

Clean up your mailing list with Email Checker for Zoho CRM 

Email Checker for Zoho CRM validates email addresses in Zoho CRM by evaluating the following email aspects.

  • Syntax
  • Domain name
  • Spelling
  • Existence of email address

After completing validation, the email address is determined to be either fake or real and is further classified under categories such as safe to send, disposable, role-based, invalid, etc.

Based on this information, you can decide your next course of action, such as whether the email addresses should be quarantined, retired, or active.

Try Email Checker for Zoho CRM

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