6 ways your business can benefit from an integrated payroll solution

This is a guest post by BrightPay.

Do you dread the moment when the payroll is finalized and you must export each payroll journal file manually, then import it into your accounting software? To automate this process completely, a payroll software that integrates with your book-keeping software can save you a lot of time and tedium.

This integration will eliminate duplications and manual errors that can sometimes occur when doing this task manually, while also saving time as it just takes a few steps. There are a number of ways that an integrated payroll software can benefit your business:

  1. Increases productivity: More work gets done faster as the integration works instantly
  2. Automates tasks: Direct API integrations automate tasks that were previously done manually
  3. Fewer mistakes: There is less room for human error as the file is sent directly across
  4. Improves connectivity: Different systems connect and share data to perform various types of functionality
  5. Encourages innovation: Introducing new products opens up new avenues of growth for your business
  6. Enhances the customer experience: Providing for your customer’s needs should be at the top of your list as customers buy a product that makes their life easier and solves business problems by evolving with technological trends

APIs are used everywhere in today’s digital world and can provide huge business value when used correctly. Make the life of your payroll processor easier by integrating BrightPay and Zoho Books. Once the systems are working together, your workflow will become more effective, saving you time, energy, and effort.

Try BrightPay for Zoho Books

Using direct API technology, BrightPay users can now send their payroll figures to Zoho Books without having to manually export and import files.

Watch a step-by-step 4-minute video that shows you how the BrightPay and Zoho Books integration works or view useful online support documentation with the relevant steps.

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