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Dataholics for Zoho CRM 

Dataholics turns outdated, incorrect, or missing Zoho CRM data into current, accurate, and reliable data without needing manual data entry.

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Business needs 

A CRM system is only as good as the data it holds. Bad data in a CRM system can cause all sorts of problems for businesses, from decreased efficiency to lost sales opportunities. The solution is to check and clean your data regularly, but that's not always easy. Data quality issues can be caused by many things, from people taking shortcuts to simply forgetting to update a field. Once data goes bad, getting things back on track can be tricky.


By scouring the internet for online sources of information, Dataholics gathers data from numerous global services and pushes it directly into your CRM records. This includes:

  • International street addresses
  • Email contact details
  • Company insights for all of your contacts

All of these data points are instantly sourced, verified, and entered into your Zoho CRM automatically. Dataholics is the perfect solution for busy professionals who want to keep their CRM records accurate and up-to-date without spending hours on manual data entry.


  • Cleanse bad data - Clean your Zoho CRM to make your data useable again and replace your incorrect or missing field data with the correct information.
  • Update missing fields - Automatically populate empty fields with the correct data–no need for manual entry.
  • Level up your customer service - Give your account managers the correct information about their clients and make sure your deliveries go to the right addresses.
  • Boost sales - Avoid gatekeepers with direct contact information for your prospects. Gain rich insights into the companies you're targeting.
  • Improve marketing results - Reduce hard email bounces and ensure your marketing messages reach their targets.
  • Enrich your data records - Make your Zoho CRM records more valuable by adding extra data points you may not have had before.

Try Dataholics for Zoho CRM

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