App spotlight: Devart ODBC for Zoho CRM

App spotlight: Devart ODBC for Zoho CRM

An efficient CRM tool helps sales teams maintain strong customer relationships. However, for a business to leverage a CRM fully, it needs to be connected with other databases to ensure a smooth two-way data flow. Using the Devart ODBC driver extension, businesses can connect their CRM with different database systems.

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Business needs  

CRM users often need to fetch data from different SQL databases, which requires them to integrate with an ODBC driver. The driver acts as a bridge between Zoho CRM and different databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.

The solution 

The Devart ODBC connector for Zoho CRM is a flexible bridge between your CRM and outside databases. It uses the standard ODBC protocol to facilitate two-way data flow. This means users can pull, update, and work with data within the CRM interface as if it were directly in their external databases, and the other way around. This will break down the barriers of data isolation and ensure that customer information is unified and accessible throughout the company.


The benefits of integrating Devart ODBC for Zoho CRM into your business ecosystem include:  

  •  Enhanced data accessibility  

You can instantly access data stored in external databases within the familiar interface of Zoho CRM, eliminating the need for manual data entry or complex data migration processes.  

  •  Improved decision-making  

Empower your team with comprehensive insights derived from unified data sources, allowing them to conduct informed decision-making and strategic planning.  

  •  Increased efficiency  

Streamline business processes by automating data synchronization tasks and reducing manual intervention, saving time and resources.  

  •  Better scalability and flexibility  

Devart ODBC for Zoho CRM supports a wide range of database management systems and can scale seamlessly with your organization's growth.   

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