App Spotlight: DIAN Electronic Invoicing by Evolucioni3 for Zoho Books

App Spotlight: DIAN Electronic Invoicing by Evolucioni3 for Zoho Books

Beyond being a legal obligation, electronic invoicing represents an opportunity to modernize business operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. By utilizing   Evolucioni3's DIAN Electronic Invoicing for Zoho Books, businesses can adopt an efficient approach to automate invoice management, reduce manual errors, and save valuable time. 

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Business Needs

Manual invoicing is a challenging task for most companies and requires several levels of verification before a bill or invoice is processed. Colombian businesses need to comply with requirements issued by regulatory bodies like DIAN as part of their accounts payable process. Automated invoicing helps streamline this process, eliminating time and money costs, and makes it easier for businesses of scale to process their accounts.  


The DIAN electronic invoicing extension by Evolucioni3 helps Colombian businesses generate tax invoices effortlessly through Zoho Books. Companies can now easily stamp all legal documents, including invoices, procure support documents and credit notes right from the Zoho Books console, eliminating the need to navigate multiple portals.


  • Automate workflows: Set up automated workflows to apply stamps to invoices according to your preferences.

  • Streamline invoicing processes: Send stamped invoices and XML directly from Zoho Books, eliminating the need for additional manual steps.

  • Simplify receivables management: Access fully functional e-invoicing capabilities within Zoho Books, enabling efficient (receivables) management of invoicing, accounts receivable, collection, and reconciliation.

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