App Spotlight: Jotform Sign for Zoho CRM

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Jotform Sign for Zoho CRM

Jotform Sign, an electronic signature solution from leading form builder Jotform, allows you to send, sign, and manage documents securely. With the Jotform Sign and Zoho CRM integration, you can effortlessly incorporate electronic signatures into your workflow by generating documents directly from Zoho CRM and sending them for e-signature via Jotform Sign. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reduces turnaround time, and provides a seamless experience for both your internal team and customers.

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Business needs

The integration between Jotform Sign and Zoho CRM meets several business needs. Here are some of the key ones:

  • Seamless document signing: Jotform Sign allows you to easily collect electronic signatures on documents, contracts, and agreements. By integrating it with Zoho CRM, you can initiate the signing process within your CRM platform.

  • Enhanced collaboration: The integration allows you to share documents requiring signatures with your contacts or clients through Zoho CRM. They can conveniently review and sign the documents online, eliminating the need for in-person meetings or back-and-forth emails.

  • Centralized data management: You can store all signed documents and related information directly within your CRM system.

  • Automated workflows: The integration enables you to automate various tasks and workflows associated with document signing. For example, you can trigger notifications to be sent to stakeholders when a document is signed.

  • Improved customer experience: By providing a seamless and convenient signing process, the integration helps enhance the customer experience. Clients or contacts can easily review and sign documents online without the hassle of printing, scanning, or mailing physical copies.

  • Increased productivity: The automated document signing process eliminates manual paperwork and reduces administrative overhead, freeing up your team’s time so they can focus on other critical tasks.


Overall, the integration between Jotform Sign and Zoho CRM brings together the power of document signing and customer relationship management, enabling businesses to streamline their processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver an improved experience to their customers.

  • Conveniently sign documents from any device, eliminating the need to print, scan, or mail paper copies.

  • Automatic reminders for pending signatures can reduce delays and ensure the timely completion of agreements.

  • Real-time updates make sure that teams have the latest information on document statuses and can take appropriate actions.

  • Centralizing all data ensures that all important documents and signatures are easily accessible from one location, helping to maintain a comprehensive record of customer interactions and agreements. This simplifies document management and auditing processes.

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