App Spotlight: Marketo for Zoho CRM

App Spotlight: Marketo for Zoho CRM

Marketo for Zoho CRM lets you score your leads to understand those that are most likely to convert and facilitates lead synchronization and management right from the CRM platform. Use this extension to strategically plan your sales and marketing activities, maximize conversions, and generate new business.

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Business Needs:

Sales teams often receive a steady stream of leads from the marketing team for conversion. While some are highly likely to convert, it can be time-consuming to sift through the list. Consistently collaborating with marketing teams can also pose challenges.


Marketo, a marketing automation tool, can be integrated with Zoho CRM to score leads based on their convertibility, making it easier to identify high-yielding prospects. The Marketo extension for Zoho CRM facilitates automatic synchronization of leads and comes with a built-in scheduler, allowing businesses to synchronize leads on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring that all relevant data is up to date.


  • Smooth collaboration and efficient lead management: The Marketo extension for Zoho CRM facilitates easy collaboration between the marketing and sales teams, leading to better lead transfer, scoring, management, and conversion, all in one interface.
  • Improved performance of sales reps: Armed with a list of promising prospects, sales reps can spend more time on calls that are more likely to convert, meet their targets, and improve their performance.
  • Increase in revenue: Effective lead scoring and synchronization leads to allotment of time and resources for prospects that are more likely to lead to convert, resulting in increase in overall revenue.

By leveraging the Marketo extension for Zoho CRM, businesses can enhance their lead management processes, align sales and marketing activities, and ultimately increase their potential for acquiring new business opportunities.

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