App Spotlight: SharePoint for Zoho CRM

Content management through CRM has never been easier. SharePoint's integration with Zoho CRM makes it easy for sales teams to manage a large volume of documents without the hassle of continuously switching between two consoles. In addition to streamlining document management for sales and customer support teams, this extension also facilitates enhanced customer communication.

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Business needs

Businesses that deal with large volumes of documents often find it difficult to streamline content management. Content like sales decks, brochures, contracts, proposals, pricing sheets, demo videos, and invoices may be located in different folders across both SharePoint and CRM, making it difficult for sales teams to search for required documents. This also makes it a challenge to provide selected and secure access to privileged customer data.


The SharePoint integration with CRM helps sales and customer support teams streamline the creation, deletion, and management of documentation while making it easier to restrict access to it. This extension helps you:  

  • Access your SharePoint libraries, create and delete files and folders from Zoho CRM.

  • Organize files and securely share all SharePoint files across different team members from Zoho CRM.


  • Streamlined content management of all documents that boosts the efficiency of sales teams and increases the possibility of conversions.

  • Improved security while sharing privileged, sensitive customer data from SharePoint through Zoho CRM.

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