App Spotlight: TimelinesAI - WhatsApp for Zoho CRM

Efficiently manage all your WhatsApp communications across multiple numbers from Zoho CRM with TimelinesAI's WhatsApp integration.

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Business needs

Managing multiple WhatsApp numbers independently often leads to messy and disjointed conversations, making organization and communication tracking challenging. The essential task of collecting potential leads and preventing data loss can be streamlined through TimelinesAI's automatic syncing of WhatsApp interactions to Zoho CRM.


TimelinesAI offers an automated solution to sync WhatsApp contacts and chats directly to Zoho. With this extension, you can:

  • Automatically sync your WhatsApp contacts and chats to Zoho. You can keep everything organized by selecting specific modules where these WhatsApp contacts go.
  • Send automated WhatsApp messages through Zoho Workflows.
  • Comprehensive communication management: Gain a holistic view of customer interactions by centralizing all WhatsApp communications within Zoho CRM.

  • Task efficiency: Automate WhatsApp messages based on specific triggers in Zoho CRM, reducing manual tasks.

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