App Spotlight: Woztell for Zoho Cliq

Give your customers a great conversational experience on their favorite channels. With Woztell, agents can send WhatsApp templates, enable or disable chatbots, send internal messages, and much more right from Zoho Cliq.  

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Business needs

Customers often expect assistance from sales or support agents to be available 24/7. Automation can help businesses quickly assist customers outside normal operating hours, and reduce the workload on agents. Agent collaboration tools are also helpful, as they allow agents to confer within customer conversations and resolve questions quickly and efficiently. 

  • Woztell helps agents interact with customers in their preferred channels and provide assistance with automation. With this integration, agents can directly start and manage conversations on Zoho Cliq in channels like WhatsApp,Cloud API, Facebook, and Instagram.  

  • Agents can send individual push notifications and templates to customers to start a conversation. They can also add multiple team members to a conversation manually, or have them assigned automatically, and internally collaborate to provide better service for customers.   

  • Customers can receive 24/7 assistance from a chatbot that answers all messages and implements automation. When needed, a live agent can disable the chatbot and continue the conversation with the customer. 

  • Interact with customers over their preferred channels directly from Zoho Cliq.

  • Assist customers instantly with chatbots that implement automation and reduce agent workloads.

  • Enhance customer service with internal collaboration. 

Get Woztell for Zoho Cliq

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