Beyond communication: Here are 5 other things you can do from your email

Did you know you can start meetings, access CRM data, manage projects, and much more without leaving your email interface? Simply integrate your other collaboration, productivity, and work apps with your email interface using extensions.

Here are five things you can do from Zoho Mail using extensions.

#1  Meet online

Start, join, and schedule meetings right from your inbox with real-time audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities.

#2  Manage projects

Get a bird's eye view of all your tasks across multiple portals. Contextually associate an email in your inbox with a task.

#3  Edit and access CRM data

View and access CRM information, create or modify deals and leads, and associate notes, tasks, and events with a contact or lead.

#4  Manage support tickets

View and access your help desk information from emails and perform actions in your help desk right from Zoho Mail. You can also comment on tickets to communicate internally with your team.

#5  Invoicing

Create, edit, and comment on contacts' invoices. Details from financial transactions are also displayed for your quick reference.


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