ProTips: Discover 5 effective ways to organize and manage leads and customers from WhatsApp

In today's digital world, efficiently handling leads is crucial for business success. WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool that plays an essential role in engaging with customers. However, using multiple WhatsApp numbers in your sales and support teams can get chaotic, leading to lost leads and unanswered customer messages.

Here are five tips to assist your sales and support representatives efficiently connect with leads and customers via WhatsApp.

ProTip 1: Automatically sync contacts from WhatsApp to the right module in your CRM

With an automatic contact sync, you can get rid of manual data entry, saving time and reducing human errors. It also ensures your customer database is always up to date.

Organize your contacts efficiently within your CRM by choosing specific modules for the WhatsApp contact sync. This tailored approach helps you categorize contacts based on your business needs.

ProTip 2: Start and continue WhatsApp conversations within your CRM

Sending WhatsApp messages from your CRM helps you increase productivity, manage all conversations in one place, and improve customer interactions with valuable CRM data.

You can also avoid switching between WhatsApp and your CRM. This enhances teamwork by allowing multiple team members to access and contribute to WhatsApp conversations within the CRM, ensuring no important details are overlooked.

ProTip 3: Create automated WhatsApp messages

Elevate your customer interactions with powerful personalized WhatsApp automation. Here, when a new deal is added to your CRM, an automated and personalized WhatsApp message can be sent to your customer. You can also create these personalized automated WhatsApp messages for appointment reminders and more.

ProTip 4: Connect multiple existing WhatsApp numbers

If your sales and support team uses multiple WhatsApp numbers, you can connect all those WhatsApp numbers. In this way, if one team member isn't available, another member can seamlessly take over the conversation without losing any context.

ProTip 5: Send bulk marketing messages on WhatsApp

Send personalized WhatsApp messages to a large group of your customers when you have important updates or news to share. This helps you quickly reach all your customers with important information, saving time and ensuring everyone is well-informed.

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