How cloud telephony extensions elevate sales operations

This is a guest post by Dmytro Tokar, CTO and co-owner of Zadarma.

Cloud telephony represents a transformative shift in telecommunications technology, offering a flexible and scalable solution for managing voice services. By integrating their CRM with a cloud telephony extension, businesses optimize their expenses, streamline sales operations, and enhance customer communications.

Let's dive into how a cloud telephony extension can help your sales and support teams optimize expenses, streamline operations, and improve customer interactions.

  1. Optimize expenses

Sales teams can use a wide range of calling services through a cloud telephony integration, including corporate IP phones, softphones for computers, or smartphones, depending on your organization's preferences and business requirements. Having multiple calling options can be useful when dealing with various client organizations, each of which may require a different service, and save the cost of investing in multiple vendors. Extensions like Zadarma offer low prices for virtual phone numbers, along with an option to subscribe to destination-specific price plans, such as the EU. This enables organizations to create customized pricing plans for the regions where they have the most clients.

2. Streamline operations

Integrating with a telephony extension opens up a wide range of features like seamless call routing, a virtual phone system, interactive voice response (IVR), and speech recognition. These functions can result in smoother operations for customer facing teams. Cloud telephony extensions also allow users to listen to call recordings directly from your CRM. Often these extensions offer different listening options like supervisor mode and whisper mode. Supervisor mode allows new employees to listen to ongoing conversations for better training, while whisper mode offers assistance during their initial conversations.This is a useful feature for call centers of any size.

3. Enhance customer interactions

When you integrate your CRM with a cloud telephony extension, users will get a notification directly on the CRM interface when a call is received. Customer details are displayed during the call, and there will be an option to add a call description. This helps sales reps keep a record of customer calls, which facilitates better customer service and helps users personalize future conversations. After the call ends, a notification will display the call duration and offer options for further action, like scheduling another call, creating an event, or creating a task. Speech recognition and analytics can be used for quality control on conversations by identifying unwanted words and the absence or presence of prolonged pauses. This helps managers monitor the quality of calls and train newer reps and sales reps improve their performance. Ultimately, this fosters better relationships with customers through more personalized conversations.

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