App spotlight: ServiceNow for Zoho CRM

App spotlight: ServiceNow for Zoho CRM

Businesses that invest in separate tools for CRM and ITSM often find it time-consuming to import data from one to the other. Integrating both tools leads to easier data synchronization, automation of manual tasks, more effective collaboration, and smoother service operations.

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Business needs

Inefficient service management often leads to siloed data, manual errors, and asynchronous communications between sales and support teams. Businesses need a solution that acts as a bridge between both functions, has robust workflow automation capabilities, and ensures smooth collaboration, easy data transfer, and faster response to customer tickets.


  • Real-time bidirectional data sync: The ServiceNow extension ensures your CRM is always up to date with the latest customer data, ensuring your teams have access to the most recent information and can provide highly personalized customer interactions.

  • Customized user interface: Custom mapping, configuration options, and workflow automation features ensure you can tailor the integration to suit your business requirements effectively.


  • Streamlined service management: Eliminate data siloes, decrease manual data entry, and streamline your service operations using ServiceNow for Zoho CRM.

  • Enhanced collaboration: The ServiceNow extension for Zoho CRM can help sales and support teams get a unified view of customer data and thereby enable faster collaboration and issue resolution.

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