Top HR Extensions to make your workplace future-ready in 2024

Top HR Extensions to make your workplace future-ready in 2024

By defining the policies that create workplace culture, HR professionals play a pivotal role in shaping the future of organizations. Now that remote and hybrid work environments are the norm, HR teams must adapt their strategies and processes to remain effective and competitive. In honor of International HR Day, let's explore the range of cutting-edge extensions offered in Zoho Marketplace to empower HR teams in fostering future-ready workforces.

1. Compensation, Rewards, and Recognition
Fair and transparent compensation, rewards, and recognition programs are crucial for employee satisfaction and retention. Extensions such as Xoxoday by GiiftVantage Circle, and greyT help HR teams manage payroll efficiently and implement meaningful reward and recognition programs. These tools simplify the payroll process, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable you to recognize employees' achievements and milestones.

 "A primary challenge HR professionals face is the administrative burden associated with rewards and recognition programs. The Xoxoday by Giift extension for Zoho People automates aspects like tracking employee achievements, sending out reward notifications and managing reward distribution. This helps HR professionals save time and energy, freeing them to focus on people strategy that powers business growth. " 

 -Rajiv Jain, Vice President-People & Culture, Giift  

2. Virtual Interviews and Onboarding
With remote work more common than ever, virtual onboarding is essential. Zoho Marketplace offers extensions to streamline every step of the onboarding process:

These tools help HR teams ensure a smooth transition for new remote employees, fostering engagement and productivity from day one.

3. Talent Development and HR Compliance
Staying compliant with regulations and policies is a critical aspect of HR management. Zoho Marketplace provides extensions such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Zoho Sign to help HR teams automate compliance tasks and manage documentation efficiently.

 "The synergy between Skills Caravan and Zoho People has  transformed talent development for our corporate clients. The AI curated individual development plans (IDPs), gamification, social learning, AI enabled search and recommendations has been a game-changer for our employee development strategy." 

 -Sarita Chand, Founder and CEO, Skills Caravan 

4. Collaboration Tools for Seamless Communication
Effective communication is key to maintaining a cohesive work environment, especially in remote and hybrid setups. You can find a wide range of next generation collaboration tools like Ringover, SMS-Magic, Sinch, MyOperator, and Yeastar on Zoho Marketplace. These extensions seamlessly integrate with your Zoho applications, enabling HR teams to facilitate team interactions, share information, and promote a sense of community across different locations.

Building a Future-Ready Workforce
On International HR Day, we celebrate HR professionals for their dedication to supporting workplace progress. Zoho Marketplace's HR extensions offer an array of tools designed to support HR teams stay up-to-date in a changing work environment. By leveraging extensions that provide effective reward and recognition programs, virtual onboarding, and seamless collaboration tools, HR professionals can create a future-ready workforce that is agile, engaged, and successful.

The Zoho Marketplace team celebrates the invaluable contributions of HR professionals worldwide.   

Happy International HR Day!


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