Simplifying your LinkedIn prospecting

This is a guest post by Klenty.

Hovering over profile after profile, piling up bits and scraps of precious prospect information that can be used in emails or calls is no fun at all. The process of finding lead information on LinkedIn and manually feeding it into your CRM just eats up your valuable time—time you could spend productively on calling or drafting emails and actual selling.

It’s one of those inconveniences in life you wish there was an app for. Well, there is. It's a plain ole’ Chrome extension that makes prospecting on LinkedIn a simple and short activity. In this blog, we’ll take you through the process of how you can automate your LinkedIn prospecting.

2 reasons to consider a prospecting tool

Sometimes, no explanation is needed to understand why a tech intervention is necessary. Like why did we start using cars or the internet? This is one of those scenarios. But, to drive the point home, let's go over why it’s a good idea to consider a prospecting tool. 

#1  Save time

Manually going over hundreds of profiles on LinkedIn, filtering them by industry or role or segment, pinning and jotting down the final list of 10-15 profiles, then carefully transferring their precious demographic or industry details back into your CRM—the whole thing takes up a good chunk of a sales rep's day.

It doesn’t end there, though, as you also have to start outreach for the list, followed by meeting your daily follow-up targets. To top it all off, if you aren’t using a sales engagement or automation tool, then the outreach itself will take up a good 2-3 hours. And apart from prospecting, you also have to spend time personalizing your outreach, creating follow-up email strategies, and managing your sales pipeline.

But, with a simple prospecting tool, you can save all those hours of manual work. The tool can capture all the relevant information and have it moved to your CRM instantly, giving you much-needed time to focus on your outreach.

#2  Gather information at scale with ease

You can get a prospect’s email address or phone number easily. You can get their company name, office number, or address easily. You can even get employee numbers or company financial information easily. But is that enough? What about their business direction, the competitor products they're currently using, their pain points, or the million other things that your sales reps need to look out for?

Sales reps, on a daily basis, need to sieve through a large volume of unique data to arrive at the exact details they need for each prospect they have. They then need to vet every bit of data they’ve gathered to make sure that it's accurate and from a credible source, to be sure before they begin their outreach. This is exactly why many sales reps feel that prospecting is actually harder than selling. But it doesn't need to be if it's automated.

LinkPort & Zoho CRM - The power duo for prospecting on LinkedIn

LinkPort is an easy-to-use sales prospecting tool by Klenty that works effortlessly with your LinkedIn to capture the information of your prospects and send it to your Zoho CRM instantly.

With the LinkPort extension for Zoho CRM you can go into your LinkedIn directly, open up your prospect’s profile, and hit the LinkPort button below their profile picture for LinkPort to automatically capture all required information from their profile. Once you’re satisfied, you can get all that information to flow to your CRM.

Try LinkPort for Zoho CRM

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