The Periodic Table of Marketing Extensions

The key elements to successful marketing

With over 500 extensions for Zoho CRM, choosing the right ones to simplify marketing processes can be overwhelming. You need to find the perfect integrations to enable seamless data flow between your marketing apps and Zoho CRM. To help you do that and more, we created the Periodic Table of Marketing Extensions: a list of 40 useful marketing extensions across seven categories, so you can find extensions that best suit your marketing team’s needs.

Event marketing

Whether your marketing team conducts conferences for customers, attends tradeshows to find potential customers, or conducts online events, it is important that the lead and customer data they gather is entered into your CRM. Having all your leads automatically added to your CRM makes it easier for your sales team to use this data to successfully nurture leads and engage with customers. You can connect the following event marketing tools with Zoho CRM:

Email marketing

Email marketing has long been an integral part of most marketing strategies and remains one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. Integrating your email campaign application with Zoho CRM gives you information that can help you prioritize leads based on how likely they are to convert. These extensions help you do exactly that:

SMS marketing

SMS campaigns have the advantage of fast engagement, high open and response rates, and the ability to reach audiences wherever they are. To effectively engage with customers and prospects through SMS campaigns or personalized one-on-one messages, integrate your SMS application with Zoho CRM. These extensions will enable you to send and receive SMS right from Zoho CRM without having to toggle between screens:

Lead capture

Landing pages, online forms, and interactive content including, calculators, quizzes, and polls, all capture useful lead data, so don't let that data get lost. These extensions will enable the lead data captured in these web pages to automatically flow into Zoho CRM, so your team can make the best use of it:

Customer feedback

Customers are the essence of every business and listening to what they have to say is essential for improvement. Integrating your online form builder with Zoho CRM will allow you to keep track of what your customers have to say.

Online advertising

Ad campaigns on platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn can run a high price. Leads from these online ads need to be closely tracked and followed-up with so your sales team can convert them to paying customers and maximize ROI on your ad campaign. Push the leads from these platforms into Zoho CRM with these extensions:

Marketing automation

Marketing automation tools collect a lot of crucial data that can be used to craft targeted marketing campaigns. These integrations collect data from your marketing automation apps and push these to Zoho CRM so that data on leads and customers are always up-to-date:

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