These Zoho Projects integrations can help make your life easy

Managing a project to deliver solutions that your customers love is not an easy job. It requires meaningful collaboration and effective process workflows to maximize productivity and deliver things on time. Zoho Marketplace brings you ready-to-use Zoho Projects extensions that can help you get things done from the inception to the closing of a project. Manage projects like a pro without needing to leave the Zoho Projects interface.

Initiate project discussions with CRM integrations

Kick-off with reaching out to potential leads. Keep track of your contacts, deals, projects and tasks by integrating your CRM with Zoho Projects. Keep track of your customers' details while working on an issue in Zoho Projects, and better prioritize and manage issues.

 Insightly CRM



Plan better with issue management extensions

Keep the status of your projects in sync with code changes without leaving your development workflow. Stay focused on your project and leave mundane data maintenance tasks, like updating the status, to the integration.




Execute efficiently with document management extensions

For efficient project management, documenting each step is equally important as executing them. Access files managed in your cloud storage application and associate them with their relevant project tasks, all from your Zoho Projects account. Link the relevant documents or resources, access any file during any stage of project development and easily disassociate a file when it is no longer needed.

One Drive



Improve productivity using integration platforms

Streamline and automate your project workflows by keeping your teams and tools connected. Collaborate seamlessly with other teams, break down app silos, and eliminate time-consuming manual work. Automate your work by setting up triggers in one app for actions in another. Sync information both ways between Zoho Projects and other business tools you use.



Ensure every single billable second is accounted

Make your project and time management seamless. Keep track of how much time was spent on each task to optimize your business processes for efficiency. Automatically add a new record for every new time entry made through Zoho Projects.



Keep your accounting clean and clear

Get paid faster by reducing back and forth accounting discrepancies. Enable your project managers and finance assistants to generate estimates for their clients at the start of the project and also invoice their expenses. Track overdue invoices and have your expenses mapped with each project.

Zoho Expense 

Zoho Invoice/Books

Can’t find an extension you need? Drop them in the comments section below so we can work on integrating them with Zoho Projects!


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