Why are VoIP and CRM a super productive duo?

This is a guest post by CallHippo.

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system aims to improve your sales agents' productivity by allowing them to make calls from desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or even landline telephones.

Taking productivity to the next level

A good VoIP integration with third-party applications saves time by reducing manual redundant tasks. For instance, a VoIP integration with CRM helps your sales agents handle more leads and customer queries in the pipeline. It gives them quick access to detailed information, enabling them to respond to their potential clients or customers promptly. This also eliminates the need to switch between systems every time you want to make calls.

Amplifying productivity with the CallHippo and Zoho CRM integration  

Syncing CallHippo’s VoIP phone system with Zoho CRM allows you to streamline your entire sales process. Here’s how you can benefit from the Zoho CRM and CallHippo integration:

1. Effectively collect data 

While talking to a prospect, your agent needs to have detailed information about them so they can better connect with them. The CallHippo integration will bring every bit of data, from the first call to the last, into Zoho CRM.

2. Make calls right from Zoho CRM  

With the CallHippo phone system integration, users can click on a contact in CRM to start a call and reach out to prospects faster. A lot of productive time is lost between looking up contact details and making calls. By saving this time, agents can spend more time on nurturing leads.

3. Get contextual information when answering calls

Every time someone calls, a pop-up will appear to let you know who is calling and display the contact’s history and detailed information so you can be prepared to take the call and make the conversation effective. You can even quickly add notes or follow-up tasks from these pop-ups.

4. Track call metrics

With the CallHippo Zoho CRM integration, you can view and access all important call analytics. You can keep tabs on all your call activities directly from Zoho CRM. You can keep an eye on all call logs: incoming as well as outgoing calls, average call time, missed calls, and others. You can use these call analytics to motivate your sales agents, improve your team’s performance, and discover ways to provide a better customer experience.

Interested in this super duo?

All you need to do is enter your CallHippo’s credentials in Zoho CRM and you are good to go.

Try CallHippo for Zoho CRM

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