A look at Zoho Notebook in 2021

Thank you, 2021. It was an eventful year for Notebook! We’re now looking ahead and are excited to see what the new year has in store for us.

But first, let’s rewind. Here’s our year-in-review for 2021.

Share & Co-work

Earlier this year, we introduced the ability to share note cards with your peers and friends. You can share note cards as "read only" or grant "edit" access.

Notebook for latest Apple technologies

A Notebook update on the iOS launch date is always a ritual for us. As soon as new technologies were unveiled in WWDC this year, we started to work on adopting Notebook for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Notebook Safari extension, extra large widgets for iPad, and a few ML features were added in Notebook for iOS 15 and iPadOS, too!

Following the update to support the latest iOS, we added support to Shortcuts in the latest macOS, Monterey, which was launched in October this year.

More for Link Cards

Notebook automatically extracts content from any link you save and makes it available for you even when you are not connected to the internet.

Recurring Reminders

Besides the single reminders you already set for your note cards, we added the capability to make your reminders recurring. You can now choose a "repeat" option of your choice from daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and never miss out on to completing your tasks.

Notebook for Google Workspace

Throughout this year, we integrated with various Google apps to make Notebook available in the Google Workspace marketplace. You can use Notebook in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Docs. Know more

Notebook in IFTTT

We integrated Notebook with IFTTTto help simplify your tasks. Create applets to save time and get things done quicker. Know more

Notebook for Zoho Meeting

We introduced Notebook's integration with Zoho Meeting this year to help you take notes during your meetings without switching tabs. Now, take notes and write minutes using Notebook in Zoho Meeting. Know more

Notebook in Zoho Cliq

We integrated Notebook with Zoho Cliq—making it easier for you to take notes when you communicate with your peers. You can access, create, and edit your notes and take notes during conference calls without switching tabs.

In addition to these, we got a lot of accolades in 2021, and we are sharing a few of them for all of us to cherish. 

  • We were featured as the 'App of the Day' in multiple countries across the globe on several occasions in the iOS App Store.

  • We were featured for the third time in a row in Apple's WWDC Keynote.

  • We are the first Zoho product to be part of Apple's webpages.

  • We were featured in '9 great apps for your new 2021 Android device' list by The Verge.

What's cooking for 2022?

We've got a lot in store for 2022 to help you improve your productivity and stay focused on what you do. We are listing here a few notable work items. 

Noteboards: A new way to organize your life!

Note templates

Email-in to create note cards

Share entire notebooks

More contextual integrations with business and productivity apps

We also made enhancements to our existing features to make Notebook a better app for you and help improve your productivity. We hope you like what we did in 2021. Do you want us to build something you wish? Fill this form and we'll be notified. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please write to us at support@zohonotebook.com or drop a comment below.

We wish you all a very happy and wonderful year ahead!

Happy note-taking.


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  1. I love this app with all of my heart! Would it be possible to make it so that when I tell my "Google lady" to add something to a list, could she add it here, to a list named in Notebook? For example: "Hey Google, add bananas to my Shopping List"--then bananas would be added to the Shopping list!

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