Introducing the all new integration with Zoho Meeting

We're pleased to introduce our new integration with Zoho Meeting, which allows you to take notes during your online meetings without having to switch tabs.

Save time and be more productive. Seamlessly take notes during this era of remote work with Notebook's new Meeting integration.

Note-taking, redefined

Create new notes, edit your notes, lock them, and delete them—all from within Zoho Meeting. You can also organize your notes into your notebooks without having to switch tabs.

Associate your notes

The Zoho Notebook and Zoho Meeting integration goes deeper than just taking notes. You can associate your notes to your meetings and view them during the meeting itself and after the meeting has ended.

Want to know in which meeting your note was taken? You can do that just by opening the note in Zoho Notebook and click on three button horizontal icon and click on 'Associated Links'

View your notes

View your previous meeting's notes with a single click in Zoho Meeting. Click on My Meetings, then select Resources to view that meeting's notes.

Download your notes

If you use Zoho Notebook without an account, you can download your notes as a .txt file after the meeting has ended.

We hope this new integration will help you save time and be more productive in this new era of digital collaboration and online meetings.

This is just the first release of a lot more exciting functionalities to come. Privately sharing your notes in Zoho Meeting and notifications for shared notes is already in our roadmap and will be implemented soon.

If you have any more ideas for functionalities you would like us to build into this integration or for Zoho Notebook in general, please write to us at or add your suggestions in the comments section below.

Happy note-taking and stay safe!


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