Notebook Update: Introducing Encryption at Rest, Night Mode, Enhanced Apple Pencil Support, and More

We're delighted to release the latest Notebook update. Now everything you store in Notebook is encrypted at rest, making your notes and data incredibly secure. Plus we've added a visually pleasing (and much requested) night mode, as well as enhanced Apple Pencil support for iOS, and more.

Encryption at Rest: Greater privacy, stronger security  

We've always taken data security extremely seriously. And we've long believed that everything you store in Notebook belongs to you—which is why we'll never do ads, sell your data, or willingly compromise your privacy. Encryption at Rest (EAR) cements our commitment to user privacy and security. EAR applies to all users, across all versions of Notebook. Now you are the only one who can ever view your notes. Period.

Night Mode: Notebook now even easier on the eyes

We have received lots of requests for a night mode or dark theme. So today we're delivering it. Night Mode should help reduce the strain on your eyes when using Notebook in the dark. Plus it also looks pretty cool. Night Mode is available in all versions of Notebook. To turn on Night Mode, simply go to the Notebook settings, and flip the switch. Please note: Your Night Mode preference will not sync across devices; you'll need to turn on Night Mode for each device.

Enhanced Editor: Take better text notes

Taking text notes is obviously a big part of Notebook. We've added a new ways to format and style your notes. Now you can highlight text, strikethrough your text, and indent. You can also add horizontal lines to separate your text.

Improved Apple Pencil and Apple Watch Support

The Apple Pencil is a great tool for iOS, particularly the Notebook Sketch Card. Now Notebook for iOS supports Apple Pencil's pressure sensitivity, along with angle and azimuth. That means you can create curves with different thickness, shade areas, and much more.

Notebook on an Apple Watch gives you an even quicker way to save a thought; you don't even have to pull your phone from your pocket. Now you can now create audio recordings from the watch face without even opening the Notebook app. Even better, you can record your note as you use other apps on your Apple Watch.

A Few More Things

In addition to the above, Notebook for Web is lighter and faster. Notebook now offers complete Right to Left language support, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. And we've also added accessibility support for iOS.

What's Next

We hope you enjoy this update, particularly the added security and privacy. We're continuing to work on more Smart Cards to give you new ways to create notes and save content. And we're also working on a Windows app. While we don't have a release date to share at the time, we can assure you its on the way.


25 Replies to Notebook Update: Introducing Encryption at Rest, Night Mode, Enhanced Apple Pencil Support, and More

  1. the update deleted all my previous notes and is not on the site either via link saw in another posted comment nor when i restored settings????? how do i get allllllll my previous notes back

  2. Thank you for the great features! I couldn't get the RTL support to work properly. When creating a new note with check boxes in RTL, the text is still aligned to the left with the check box on the left side of the text. In addition, on the notebook view, when you see a small version of your note, the text is entirely aligned to the left.

  3. I've used evernote and onenote - now its Notebook :) I am very glad to see the addition of the security at rest feature - keep up the good work guys!!!

  4. Hello Can you add the reminder feature to notebook ? It can understand as we can set up time to notification, time for deadline for not missing any task :)

    1. There is currently a reminder feature. Just open a note, tap the three dots, and there's an option to setup a reminder. There are additional Reminder settings in Notebook settings (gear icon).

  5. Hi, Thank you for best alternative Evernote and other note app. But, I wonder why you don't develop it for Wins device ? Windows users very need this notebook. Hope you can release it soon :)

  6. Great ! Thank for the update ! Any plans for adding hastag support for better searching ? Thank you and keep rocking !

    1. Glad you like the update! We're working on more ways to better organize notes but I can't say much more than that right now. But we'll take your feedback into consideration.

  7. Amazing! Thank you so much My Only Note taking App is Zoho Notebook :) Just I see a minor issue with Notebook Android's app, I should connect to the VPN or proxy to start syncing with my MacBook and the Notebook for Web. This issue started from 2 months ago. Cheers, Hasan

  8. The Windows version gets mentioned everytime that you update the Apple versions. I don't have the time to look it up, but it seems like this has been going on for over a year. It would probably be less frustrating for your users if you just quit mentioning it until the release is imminent.

    1. Hey John, I totally see where you're coming from. We've been teasing the Windows app for sometime. I keep mentioning it's on the way because people keep asking about it. But I totally see how it's frustrating. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Encryption at rest is great news! But... who handles the encryption keys? The users or Zoho? Good news that the windows app is on its way. Any plans for a Linux app as well? Zoho Mail has a linux app. :-) For serious professional use, offline support is a must in this app. I always need to access and edit my notes during flights, with no internet access. Do you have any plans for that feature?

    1. Hey Bob, We really understand your concern about the Privacy policy. Notebook app currently uses HTTPS encryption for data transit. We use the latest and strong ciphers like AES 256 bit keys for encryption and maintaining a unique AES 256 bit key and IV for each user at our Key Management Server. The Keys in KMS is stored as encrypted as well. Generally, we don't read user data and every access to the user's data machine is audited. We also don't collect device data, if it's not required. We also have an In-house security team dedicated to user's privacy. If you have any questions on the Audit, you can feel free to ask us. We are also certified under these category: ISO/IEC 27001  ISO/IEC 27017 ISO/IEC 27018  Every year, we are audited by ISO Auditors as well. You can visit our Compliance website,, to know more about it. If you are still not convinced, please reach us, we’ll ask our in-house privacy team to explain you in detail about this.

    2. Hey Elu, glad you're excited about encryption. Zoho handles the encryption keys. Not sure about a Linux app; we're focusing on getting the Windows app out. And as far as offline mode, that's currently available on the mobile apps and Mac.

      1. Hi Taylor, Then the sentence below is misleading, or just wrong: "Now you are the only one who can ever view your notes. Period." If Zoho handles the encryption keys, it CAN read our notes. The only way to guarantee 100% privacy is by using end to end encryption, with encryption keys generated on user side, which it's not the case of Zoho Notebook. So if anyone plans to store sensitive information on Notebook (personal diary, the new password for that service you just started using...), it's not the best solution. Having that said, EAR is better than no encryption at all, and I truly appreciate your efforts towards privacy and security. But there are some things you guys need to do, to offer a truly private and secure service.

        1. Hey Elu, thanks for your response. I certainly understand your concern. We're not trying to mislead anyone. Before EAR was implemented Zoho vowed to never look at your notes or data; user data is managed by the server and we never touch it. We really have no reason to do so, nor the interest. We've never and will never do ads. And we never have and never will sell user data. This has been our day 1 commitment. For Notebook we don't even require you to sign up for an account to use the app. You can read more about this" rel="nofollow">here.

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