Notebook Update: Introducing Notebook for Windows, Tagging, AI Capabilities, New Integrations, and More.

We're thrilled to announce Notebook's latest update—and it's a big one. First, we've rolled out the two most requested features. That's right, Notebook has arrived on Windows and you can tag notes to stay organized across devices. Second, we're excited to announce new artificial intelligence capabilities with Zia, the Zoho intelligent assistant. These AI capabilities are possible thanks to Notebook's place within the Zoho Office Suite, which today is making a major leap forward. Third, Notebook is now integrated with Zoho Flow, an integration platform with 250+ connections, and Zoho Writer, an online word processor. Last, and certainly not least, we've brought the Notebook Web Clipper to the Edge browser.

Notebook Arrives on Windows

 We've been hearing for quite a while how important it is to bring Notebook to Windows. Today we're proud to have delivered that. Our biggest priority was bringing the same thoughtful, beautiful experience to Windows that we've established on other devices. It took us a while, but we think we've succeeded. The Windows version of Notebook is also available for the Microsoft Surface so you can switch from desktop to tablet at anytime.


Tag Your Notes

If there was one thing we've been asked to do more than a Windows app, it's tagging. And now it's here and available across all devices. With tagging, you can categorize notes by topic, category, project, or however else you see fit to stay organized. Tagging is as simple as adding a hashtag before any word within a Text Card. For other note cards, simply tap more options, choose "Add Hashtag," and then your keyword. With that said, some of you may be wondering: Can I migrate all my tags from Evernote? Yes. We have updated our migration tool so you can easily bring all your notes, content, and tags from Evernote to Notebook.

AI Capabilities: Zia Comes to Notebook

 Zoho's AI, Zia, is now available in the Zoho Office Suite. Since Notebook is a part of that suite, Zia is now in Notebook. Now you can give voice commands to search for a note or create a new one. You can even ask Zia to go find the top trending video on YouTube, or the latest recipe on The New York Times cooking section, and save it as a Smart Card. Zia will also help you keep organized by suggesting which notebook a note belongs in, or which tag would be best for your note.


Integrations: Zoho Flow and Zoho Writer

These days doing work usually involves using more than one app. The Notebook and Zoho Flow integration helps you connect Notebook to more than 250 apps so you can spend less time on mindless tasks, and more time doing things you love.  For example, you can connect Notebook and Gmail to save starred mails as note cards. You can also connect Notebook and Wunderlist and have every single task saved as a note card. So go ahead and connect your favorite apps with Flow to simplify your tasks and be able to do more.

As a part of our Office release, we are also happy to debut a new integration with Zoho Writer. Now you can push your notes to Writer when you're ready to turn your ideas into a document. To do this on mobile for example, simply open a note, tap more options, then choose "Copy to Writer." Once in Writer, you'll have tons of formatting options, plus the ability to collaboratively edit your document in real time, track changes, and more.

A Cutting Edge Clipper

Want to save a webpage as a note card? The Notebook Web Clipper is now available on the Edge browser. This means you can now clip the web, take screenshots, and read articles without ads on every major browser.

What's Next?

We hope you enjoy this release. We've got a number of things planned this year, including new note cards and Smart Cards. We've also got some exciting integrations with popular apps in the works.


28 Replies to Notebook Update: Introducing Notebook for Windows, Tagging, AI Capabilities, New Integrations, and More.

  1. the desktop app has the same features that the Windows Store app? and by the way, the Windows Store app should be updated so it can include the tab feature as the browser page has

    1. Hey Dember, We will be updating the app across all platforms with the latest features in same interval. Open note in new tab feature in web is a browser specific one. We are working on “Open note in new window” feature in Windows, which will be available in the near future. This feature is already available in Mac desktop app. You can also share your thoughts to us at

  2. I have been struggling with this on Windows 10 its impossible to get everything to load and yet on my Mac computer its great, Got to be one of the most frustrating apps you will ever want to use. 2020 year.

    1. Hi, Once you sign-in to the app, all your data will be downloaded and it might take few minutes which absolutely depends on the number of embedded resources you have and the network connectivity. Please check whether the ‘Sync wheel’ at the left bottom is still spinning. If it’s spinning, it denotes that your data is being downloaded. However, it shouldn’t take so long to download all your data. Please send us a feedback from your Windows app. One of our support assistant will get in touch with you and will help you with this

  3. Hi Deepak hope you are well. Great app and greatly appreciated that its available for free! Makes me feel like if I have any feature requests, then that may be asking to much because you guys have given so much already. But If I also could be so bold. May I just ask if you can include a new layer above the notebook view of all the notebooks. This new layer is what I call the shelf. So wouldn't it be awesome if we can make the app look like its sitting on a bookshelf? When we click the imaginary shelf icon (sitting above the notebook, all notes, favourites icon) on the left of the desktop app, it zooms out to the shelf view displaying the back binding of the books side by side like a traditional bookshelf. I was also thinking that we could divide the shelf's into categories much like a library divides theirs shelves into topics. Not only will this be visually appealing (because I know the Zoho developers have good taste) but also add another layer to what is already an impressive app. Ok so I rant a little lol, bye.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your feedback on Zoho devs :). And your suggestion about Notebook view, that’s really a good idea. We’ll definitely take this to our design department and will discuss if this is technically possible. Please follow our blog for any future updates.

  4. Hi, I really like your work and I am finding that I am using Zoho Notobook more and more often. As such backup is becoming really important for me: Is it possible to export all notes, or at least all text notes to a zip file? That feature would be great. Robert

    1. Hi, We’re glad to know that our Notebook app has became one of your most used app. You can now export an individual note by opening the note, clicking on Export icon and choosing ‘Export as ZNote’ option in your mobile and windows desktop app. Whereas in Mac, just right click over the note and choose ‘Export’. Also, we would like to let you know that, exporting multiple notes and notebook are in our road map and it will be provided in one of our future update.

  5. Please provide pinning the notes inside a notebook and all notes folder. Its critical as after using it for some time this app has become way more unorganised for me. I don't why they are not providing this option. Another area where Zoho notebook need critical improvement is Note editor page where we have way less vertical viewing space and is bogged down by absence of critical features and is taken over by options which should otherwise accessed.

    1. Hi, We’ve favourites feature which is something like pinning up your notes. You can favourite a note by swiping note towards left and clicking on star icon and those notes will be shown at the top in 'Favourites' folder. Also, we have custom sort option in settings which allows you to organise your notebooks and notes. Currently we show the tool bar with the keyboard to make use of basic editor tools. Please let us know the feature that you feel missing. We’ll look into it and work on it in the future.

  6. I've been using notebook for quite a while, I've been a little obsessive and checked every single note app available for mac and yours is the best in my opinion even though it has room for improvements. there are a few things that bother me and it's important to me since I won't use any other note app and depend on you to add it haha. 1) as I said in an earlier comment I'd like to see an option to at least group notebooks together, I have more than 30 notebooks and it's quite annoying and unorganized. 2) the option to open notes as a floating window or at least to be able to open more than one note at a time, this is really important! 3) the tagging system is great but needs some tweaks: it saves everything you ever typed as a tag and doesn't delete them, it gets clogged really fast, in my opinion, it should show only active tags and have the option to delete tags from the hub. it would be nice to be able to group tags. 4) when you add an image you can't change the size and it's a very needed feature. 5) as you already know tables are also important. Thank you very much for your great work!!!

    1. Hey Dan, Thanks for your feedback. Grouping Notebooks is not in our design but you can group notes within a Notebook and you can name them too. We’ve option to change your Notebook order. Just the change ‘Sort’ order settings to Custom. Once set, you can organise your Notebooks on your own order. Hope this feature would be helpful for your case. Multi window function for desktop apps and Table support are in our road map. It might be added in one of our future update. Work, for deleting the tags added is in progress and will be live soon. And regarding changing the image size, I believe that you’re concern is about editing an image added. We’ve this feature in Web, windows and in mobile platforms. You can simply open the image added, click on edit icon from the bottom bar to edit. If the image is on a text note, just tap the image and you’ll get options to edit. In web and windows, just right click over the image for the same.This feature for Mac will be added shortly.

  7. Hi - great to hear that you have introduced tagging. Are the tags included in the data sent with the integrations triggers (to Zapier and Zoho Flow)? Another feature I would find useful would be to introduce triggers for other UPDATE and DELETE operations, as well as CREATE, and triggers for when notes are grouped and ungrouped. Do you have any plans to introduce those?

    1. Hi, As of now, tags are not included with data sent. We are working on it and it will be provided in the future. And regarding the triggers for Update, Delete, Group and Ungroup, I’ll get in touch with the team about this requirement and will ask them to provide those soon.

  8. Windows version is good news but... Windows 10 only? What about Windows 7 users? And why not use Electron instead (as you already did with Zoho Mail Desktop Lite), so Notebook could be cross-plataform? Creating/editing notes on smartphone is not an option for me (I only use to see the notes), and as a Windows 7 user (work) and a Linux user (home), unfortunately I won't use Notebook, as I don't want to rely on a web interface to see/edit my notes, and I might be offline when using it.

      1. Thanks for the tip! Just installed on Windows 7. But I've found that the app is not really offline: 1) When online, signed in to Notebook. 2) Closed the app, and went offline. 3) Opened Notebook when offline (like I'do in a plane, for instance), but instead of showing my notes, the app showed the following message: "Your current session has expired Sign in again as : By signing into same account, continue having all the notes synced and stored Export unsynced notes and sign out: All unsynced notes in will be exported as znote (a proprietary Notebook format). You can later import them into any of your Notebook account. Sign Out: All notes pertaining to will be wiped off from this device. However, synced data can be accessed through " I marked the option "Keep my session active" in the login page. Is this the correct scenario? Thanks

        1. Elu, Thanks for trying it out. Yes, the steps you tried are correct. We have an issue while accessing the app with federated sign in and we are working on it. As of now, if you’re account is associated with Zoho, you’ll not face this issue. To associate your account, 1. Visit and click on Sign up. 2. Give your mail address and fill the required fields to create an account. If you get an error “an account already exists for this mail”, 1. Type your mail in sign in page and click forget password. 2. Click the password reset link sent to your mail and create a new password. Now your account will be associated with Zoho. You can enter your mail ID and password in Zoho Sign in page instead of using federated Sign in. For further clarification, please reach us at

  9. Thanks for all the hard word you do. :) On the other hand, I am still expecting tables feature, offline mode and Zoho Notebook for Linux. (Okay, I already know Linux app is too much to ask. :) )

    1. Hey Rigarcia, We are adding up features based on users request. Table feature is already on our road map and it might be added in one of our future update. And Notebook works in offline mode. You can view and edit notes in offline. Once you go online, all your notes will be synced. If you face any issues with it, please reach us to our support. Please send us a request to for Linux app. We’ll share you a build:)

  10. there is one obvious feature that can make the app much greater! folder inside a folder (or chapters and pages inside a notebook) It could make things much more organized and this feature is much needed! I hope you do it soon.

    1. Hey Dan, We would like to let you know that we have a similar feature like folder - grouping, where you can group your notes together and name it. To group, just pinch in two cards or multi select the cards you want to group and select ‘Group’. You can have number of groups within a Notebook. Creating group within a group is not possible now.

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