Zoho Office Integrator 2023: An overview of the features we added throughout the year

We’d like to wish all of our users a very Happy New Year!

When we stepped into 2023, our goal was to help our users embed our office editors more easily and seamlessly, along with greater control over those editors. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. As we enter the new year, here's a quick recap of all the capabilities we added to Office Integrator throughout the year, and also a quick overview of what we have in store in 2024.

SDKs to integrate Office Integrator 

Easily integrate Office Integrator with your app using predefined SDKs in multiple languages, and avoid starting from scratch.

The SDKs are available in these languages:


SDK Reference

Sample Code







Node JS









Flexible integration with various customization options 

Customize the UI 

Tailor Office Integrator's UI according to your preferences with options like:

New display languages: Office Integrator now supports Indian languages such as Marathi, Oriya, and Gujarati.

Favicon customization: Make the editors more personal by setting your own icon as the editors' favicon. Learn more.

Wild card support for the postMessage domain: Manage multiple subdomains effectively with wild card rules in Office Integrator. Define regular expression rules and achieve greater flexibility for your domain configurations. Learn more.

Localization options: Customize the date, time, and number according to your choice from a list of various options.


Document view control 

Define how you want your document to look when opening it with Office Integrator. Set up markup mode preferences in the track_changes_mode parameter as No Markup or All Markup when editing a document. Learn more.


Various enhancements to help with your business needs 

Brand new APIs: We're excited to share the release of two new APIs to combine PDF files together and download specific spreadsheet from a sheet:

  • Combine PDFs

Combine PDF files together completely, or combine only the selected pages or pages in the specified range and save them as a new PDF file with a unique name. Learn more.

  • Download a specific spreadsheet

Download spreadsheets from your sheet in Office Integrator in .xlsx, .ods, .csv, or your desired format. Learn more.

Built-in content translation tool: Translate your document content into 15+ languages without leaving your editor with Office Integrator. Translate sentences, paragraphs, or even an entire document and save it as a new document, or replace the existing content.

Securely communicate with editors: Post and review content, insert fillable fields, obtain multiple notifications about your documents' status, and more by securely communicating with the Office Integrator editors using the postMessage APIs. Learn more.

Create fillable forms from your app: Create personalized fillable forms, repurpose static PDFs to interactive forms, or create prefilled forms, and share them with users to collect information. Learn more.

Enhancements to document generation: Use group by and aggregation to visualize data efficiently, and generate customized reports. Easily convert numbers to words in multiple languages and as ordinal representation. You can also display dates, currencies, and numbers in 100+ locales in mail merge templates.

Significant updates to editors in Office Integrator 

 Zoho Writer 

  • Have your document's content read to you with the Read Aloud option. Learn more.

  • Insert checklists in your documents to easily track tasks and strikethrough when you're done with an item.

  • Add a cover page to give a quick introduction about your document's content from a list of pre-defined templates. Learn more.

  • Easily format and align content, insert images, tables, equations, add column breaks, and more using only your keyboard. Learn more.

 Zoho Sheet 

  • Record, format, and analyze your data with Tables in Zoho Sheets. Customize the table color and style according to your needs.

  • Compare and highlight values in a range of cells with the Data Bar conditional formatting option.

  • Get AI-powered data formatting suggestions from the Data Analyst in Zoho Sheets.

 Zoho Show 

  • Apply custom properties to the axis and its values in a chart, format the axis with numerical values and currencies, and more.

  • Add presentation-specific variables as data fields to easily manage data across slides and maintain consistency.

  • Ensure uniformity across your presentation by customizing a theme's fonts and maintain consistency with your brand's guidelines.

 What's cooking in Office Integrator for 2024? 

We have an exciting lineup of features to help improve your business process and streamline business productivity further. Here’s a few features you can expect in 2024:

  • Add texts, shapes, comments, highlights, and more in PDF files; reorder pages; edit PDFs collaboratively; and more.

  • Provision role-based access to product features by defining custom roles and permissions for your users.

  • A flexible payment model to allow businesses operate without interruption by continuing to use Office Integrator even after the plan limits are reached—and pay later.

That's all for now!

Let us know your suggestions and feedback about these new updates at support@zohoofficeapi.com or support@eu.zohoofficeapi.com or in the comments section below.

Once again, from all of us at Team Office Integrator, we wish you a Happy New Year! 


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