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Regardless of your business size, executing product development and deploying digital transformation initiatives requires collaboration tools. Collaboration tools help connect people with each other and the data they require to run operations. The chat platform, in particular, acts as an evolved alternative to extended email chains, a place where tasks are assigned and carried out in your intranet. All your collaboration efforts are organized into professional channels without room for duplication and siloed information. This helps you achieve business growth without taking hits in the productivity department.

Increasing productivity with a collaboration tool

Cloud-based watercooler conversations 

The sole objective of adopting a collaboration platform is to improve productivity and increase growth. It opens the way for cross-team collaborations, cutting down on communication gaps that arise from long email threads. Making collaboration platforms the digital headquarters of a business, communication takes place seamlessly via one-on-one texting, channel discussions, screen share meeting, time sheeting, exchanging notes, and creating polls for smarter decision making. The collaboration platform also helps document ideas and individual perspectives that would be otherwise lost in translation during offline chitchat. Therefore, choosing a robust collaboration platform that helps you achieve meaningful results is vital.

Make productivity your priority with collaboration 

A majority of collaboration platforms come with cross-app functionality that helps build intuitive workflows from ideas and discussions. Choosing a flexible and functional platform with role-based access authorities is necessary for proper accessibility across apps. Productivity also comes from making smarter decisions, which can be achieved in the absence of chunky silos caused by closed governance and a lack of transparency. To combat such gaps, we use collaboration tools as they provide inclusivity among the ranks. To improve productivity significantly, choose a platform that prioritizes interoperability so all your tools and applications are within your reach.

How to achieve more with less 

An extended collaboration platform with interoperable characteristics should also come with:

  • Markup tools for reviewing and annotating files

  • Project specific role-based access

  • Lore creation/ageless database

  • A unified calendar

  • On-the-go mobile applications

  • Its own ecosystem of products for smoother operations

You are one Cliq away from the perfect solution 

Your workplace needs a successful team and to achieve that you need an effective collaboration tool. Zoho Cliq is a deeply rooted communication and collaboration platform that keeps your team connected and your tasks under purview. With Zoho Cliq, you can get on calls, share presentations during meetings, and create project-specific channels.

Cliq also accommodates all your integrations. In this way, you can switch applications within the platform. You can also customize commands that automate everyday tasks. Its mobile-friendly adaptation lets you stay connected with your team on the go, too. Cliq also comes with top-notch security making sure your organization data is encrypted and safe.

Collaboration requires an investment and here is the best investment 

A collaboration platform is built solely to help close gaps in communication within an organization. What if we told you there is a software ecosystem with 45+ applications built for maximum collaboration?

Zoho One is an operation ecosystem with 45+ applications including its very own collaboration platform, Zoho Cliq. Unlike your usual collaboration platform, Zoho One comes with a set of other deeply rooted applications you might want for your unique business needs. Zoho One is collaboration friendly on every level. It comes with sharing and collaboration tools deeply ingrained into all its productivity tools and the smart chat option acts as an omni-channel within the platform, so you can get immediate responses and not shift communication to extended email chains. Zoho One is also pro-digital transformation as it is entirely cloud based. So, what are you waiting for? Make the right investment today!

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