The Operating System for Business is now even more powerful and versatile

Zoho One gets major updates in the form of telephony integrator, single sign-on, app provisioning and a new app for workflow automation

Zoho One, the operating system for business, has just received a major update and we are overjoyed to share it with you.

Three new OS-level services, a new app and several other features … we continue to pack Zoho One with value for our customers. All the updates in this post will be included in Zoho One for free. Read on to find out more.

App usage on the rise

Before we get to the updates, we want to thank the 20,000+ customers worldwide, who are currently using the most expansive suite of cloud computing business apps anywhere.

We built Zoho One in keeping with our conviction that businesses prefer a tightly-integrated suite of apps and not a fleet of solutions from multiple vendors requiring complex and costly integrations.

Approximately 25 percent of Zoho One customers use more than 25 applications on the platform and more than 50 percent utilize beyond 16 applications.

The State of the OS  

Zoho One already packs several unmatched operating system level services, including Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Messaging, Search and more. These services span the platform making it powerful.

To this list, we are adding three services – Telephony, Single Sign-On and Provisioning. This makes the platform even more powerful and useful for enterprises that rely on Zoho One to run their entire business.

Telephony integrator

Typically, telephony systems in businesses work in a silo and not closely integrated with other apps. Our telephony service integrator PhoneBridge will help Zoho One user integrate their telephony service to work across all the apps in the Zoho One ecosystem. Once enabled, customers will be able to make calls from within apps, get contextual information on incoming calls, automatically log calls and set reminders on missed calls.

Bring rich contextual information to telephonic conversations by using PhoneBridge to link with your telephony provider.

Single Sign-on

The new Single Sign-On service from Zoho One will allow customers to integrate any third-party applications onto their Zoho account. We are launching Zoho SSO with support to around 50+ third-party applications and will add more in the coming months. In addition to other MFA (multi-factor authentication) choices, Zoho One admins can now enforce YubiKey as an additional layer of security.

App provisioning 

Provisioning of apps and access management is critical to businesses. We have been offering provisioning and app management to Zoho One admins for the 45+ apps in our catalog. We are now extending it further – to custom apps created using Zoho Creator as well as external apps available through Zoho Marketplace. Admins can now create groups or set conditions to provide access to apps, monitor app usage and generate reports on resource utilization.

The enhanced App Provisioning module in Zoho One makes it easy to assign apps for users based on their roles. The admins can also set conditions for access.

Orchestly for workflow management

Our new app, Orchestly offers code-free workflow management service where end users can create complex workflows using a simple drag and drop interface. This service targets business users who cannot code, but still want to create and optimize cross-departmental workflows like purchase approvals, content publishing, asset management, and on boarding. You can read this blog post to know more.

Zoho Sign with blockchain-based time-stamping

Zoho Sign, our digital signature app, now offers an additional level of document verification through blockchain-based timestamping. The feature has been enabled through an integration with Ethereum, the globally-accepted open source platform. When someone digitally signs a document using Zoho Sign, an Ethereum transaction takes place in the background where the hash of the signed document is added in the transaction notes.

The mission continues

We launched Zoho One launched with 35+ apps and today it has over 45+ apps, more OS-wide services and several other improvements. We continue to offer it at the same price point at which we launched. We have also made conscious efforts to make the platform easy to use across the spectrum – someone with no coding knowledge will still be able to extract substantial value out of it as would someone with professional coding experience.

It is our mission to democratize the use of business apps so that the latest, most sophisticated technology is available in an easy-to-use form at an unbelievably affordable price. That will continue.


6 Replies to The Operating System for Business is now even more powerful and versatile

  1. I appreciate ur work zoho team .. but in india a large ,huge no of Bussiness man r not aware of technology or u can a say they r not technology friendly, but they want to grow there I suggest zoho team to develop a physical man power team they can visit there premises and understand their requirement and then ur experts,suggest, guide,and Intregated the requirement of the client.. it will boost ur revenue too...( because everyone can’t understand ur online services)...

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. It is a valid suggestion, Udit. In fact, we have just the program going for small and medium businesses in the country to understand Zoho better, and also help us understand the requirement. Do follow our Zoho Empower initiative. Read this blog" target="_blank" title="">blog">">blog post to know more.

  2. I would like to know how the blockchain technology plays around for the accounting software. Any updates on this? Cheers, Yaali Bizappln Solutions |

    1. Thanks for reading. We are actively looking at implementing blockchain technology in other applications in our catalog wherever it makes sense. But at this point of time, we don't have anything new to announce. Stay tuned and you will know. Regards.

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