A year of helping companies move away from organizational chaos

And just like that, we've turned one!

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler," goes a quote attributed to Einstein. In the same vein, we could say, "people should be involved in work as much as necessary, but not any more." It was with this belief that we built Orchestly and announced it to the world, on this day in 2019.

One year has passed now, and the world has already changed in drastic and unforeseen ways. These changes, though, have strengthened our resolve to keep improving Orchestly to better meet our stated goals. The need for streamlining and simplifying the work we do is now not just a business advantage, it's a necessity.

This new way of managing work is what Orchestly set out to help businesses achieve. As a result, we've made it a lot easier to automate out the mundane side of work, while leaving humans with the parts where intuition, judgement, and taste are needed.

Here's a quick recap of what's happened over the past year, on both our customers' end and our own.

One year of helping companies orchestrate business processes

What our customers have done

Here are some of the ways Orchestly customers have used the platform that we thought you could take inspiration from:

  • A global healthcare provider has fixed the problems in their IT processes by automating their workflows through Orchestly.

  • A multinational conglomerate has implemented their change management process and several marketing activities with no dents to their process structure.

  • A leader in quality control, who performs testing and certification for many industries, uses Orchestly to streamline their work.

  • A cyber security and crimes investigation firm uses Orchestly for their business processes.

  • A leading online education platform uses Orchestly to keep track of their sales processes.

The biggest takeaway for us has been Orchestly's versatility in helping streamline business processes of any nature. Some of our customers have truly wowed us with the kinds of problems they've solved using Orchestly.

We're constantly evolving

While our customers have made the most of Orchestly's potential, we, on the other hand, have worked on pushing it even further.

Orchestly is simple enough that companies can get hundred-step processes implemented all by themselves—but powerful enough to meet the enterprise segment's complex needs. We're constantly working on making Orchestly a holistic tool to automate every kind of business process. 

Here are some of the many additions made to Orchestly over the last year:

Orchestly prominent features and integrations

Our first year in the arena has inspired us and shown the way forward for the platform. We hope Orchestly helps you find the way forward for your business processes, too. We created Orchestly to help businesses eliminate chaos and drudgery from their processes, and that's not going to change.

Always happy to help,

Team Orchestly



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