There comes a time in all our lives when we feel the need to do our bit and give back. Donating 10 rupees from our salary might not be a big loss for us while for the receiver it could mean life-saving medicines or even just a fresh, hot meal. The "Giving" module in Zoho Payroll makes this part easier.

Instead of the usual chaos that comes with placing a box on your office floor, getting the money in, emptying the money out, counting it, depositing it in a bank, transferring it to the charity's account, getting the proofs in and then getting submerged in paperwork once again to avail tax exemptions and get refunds, you could just press a button now to do alllll of this at a single click.

Just go to the "Giving" module, input the details about your campaign like the name, what it is about, and whether it qualifies for any tax exemptions and you're done.

Sounds too good to be true? Try this feature now. While you're at it you could also explore what other features we have and how it uniquely solves every one of your payroll problems. Or if you'd like an overview of the platform to know how to use it to make your work easier, request a demo.

To learn more about other features or general knowledge about payroll, check out our knowledge base, Zoho Payroll Academy, for all things payroll.


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