Off-Cycle Pay Run

Payroll is hard. And that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that it could be harder. How can this get anymore difficult, you say - well, I'm glad you asked

Say a newcomer joins your company by the end of the month, works for 3 days and you need to pay him the pro-rated amount for that period alone. And VC funding didn't get credited on time. So you withheld your employees' salaries until it did and now need to pay them their dues. Also you miscalculated their LOP details in the previous month deducting more than necessary and now need to pay them the missing amount.

Three components that are one-time earnings but need to be paid in one-go. Sounds scary? Doesn't have to be when you use Zoho Payroll.

Just go to the pay runs module, click the drop-down, select "Off-Cycle Pay Run", enter the details in the fields and pay them. That simple.

Obviously this scenario is an exaggeration and might not happen that often for a typical business but that is how thorough Zoho Payroll is. We have covered every scenario, imagined every possible complication and have built in solutions to those hypothetical problems so that if the situations ever arose, you were well-equipped via the software to handle it like a pro.

Try this feature now.

To know more about other features and cool hacks within the product, check out our knowledge base replete with help docs, webinars and guides about Zoho Payroll.

To learn about the industry at large and the various nuances around payroll, check out our Payroll Academy by Zoho Payroll. It is a great starting point to get yourself acquainted with all things payroll.


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