6 HR trends that'll shape the world of work in 2023

As what employees expect from their workplace is evolving drastically, HR teams are always on the lookout for new trends and ways to better their engagement strategies. Here are the top six HR trends that'll matter to the world of work in 2023:

  1. People-centric management: Since the traditional top-down approach won't work anymore, we'll see more and more organizations fostering supportive work environments that do away with strict rules and manage employees with empathy and compassion.

  2. Future of work: Considering the changes brought about by the pandemic, we'll see more organizations adapting to different workplace models, flexible work culture, upskilling, and more.

  3. Pay transparency: To prevent discrimination of any sort, we'll see more organizations being very transparent about how their employees are paid and their pay structure.

  4. Soft skills proficiency for managers: To ensure that their employees are properly managed, we'll see organizations taking steps to improve the soft skills of immediate managers since they interact with employees daily.

  5. Tech tools for hybrid work: Hybrid work is becoming more popular, so we'll see organizations adopting tech tools to ensure their communication, everyday HR operations, and collaboration don't suffer.

  6. Internal promotions: Since career development continues to be a top priority for many employees, we'll see more and more organizations facilitating internal promotions to keep employee morale high.

Read more about the top six HR trends that'll shape the world of work in 2023 in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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