HR tech basics: Here's how an employee self-service portal can be useful to your employees

Managing HR activities and data manually can put a severe administrative strain on your HR team. If your employees have to come to your HR team for every single piece of information, it makes things more complicated for everyone involved. This is where an employee self-service portal truly shines. It empowers employees to take care of their HR operations and manage their information on their own. Here's what your employees can accomplish with a self-service portal:

  • Fill in personal information like their mailing address, email, education, and previous experience. Employees can also edit their data to keep it updated.

  • Mark attendance every day, track attendance data, submit regularization requests and apply for permissions.

  • Submit leave requests for approval, stay on top of leave balances, and view upcoming holidays.

  • Stay informed about significant developments at the organization and share feedback.

  • Access payslips, view time spent on different projects, review company policies and documents and see performance goals.

Read more about how an employee self-service portal can be beneficial to employees in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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